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Quotable Quotes: Karolina “Don’t call me Wozniacki!” Wozniacka hits Poland

Last week, our majestic and charitable world number one visited Poland and travelled around to various Polish media stations, charming the press with her great charisma and beautiful voice. For once, she actually had quite a bit to say, speaking about some off-court ventures she has been recently involved in.

“I like to help others, because I am an ambassador athletes with disabilities. Some time ago we created a tennis academy in Denmark, and now with my dad noticed that the same idea can be realized in Poland. So we started cooperation with the Polish Paralympic Committee and the Polish Association of Wheelchair Tennis.

“It is nice to see how many children he wants to play tennis, although it is not an easy road. Similarly, in Denmark, where tennis has become very popular recently. Such meetings are very nice and I believe that children will be there a motivation for further training. I, too, after all once dreamed to be number one in the world. Now it came to pass, so you can, if he wants and works hard - she explained tennis player.

She also touched on the (not at all boring and dry, by the way) subject of her secret coach, simply saying;

Actually, my dad still advises me and still is my coach.

Reports also say that the highlight of her media trip was when a reporter continually called her Caroline Wozniacki - the Anglicised version of her name. Eventually she snapped and blurted out.

“Call me WoĹşniacka. I’m in Poland, and so the saying goes here.”

You tell ‘em, Karolina!

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2 Responses to Quotable Quotes: Karolina “Don’t call me Wozniacki!” Wozniacka hits Poland

  1. Van September 21, 2011 at 3:15 am

    I wonder if she’s going to dominate to the end of the season? It’s a great opportunity to build momentum for next year.

  2. DeShawn Besabella (@dbesabella) September 22, 2011 at 6:24 pm

    Couldn’t read the story. Was too distracted by her lip…

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