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Quotable Quotes: Florian Mayer Blasts Nicolas Almagro’s “embarrassing” Behaviour in Hamburg

Nicolas Almagro is widely known to be one of the most unpopular ATP players amongst fans, and judging by Florian Mayer’s comments on Almagro following his 7-6(5) 7-6(3) loss to the Spaniard, the feeling is shared amongst his fellow players;

“His behaviour was embarrassing. This has nothing to do with tennis. If I did something like that, I would have felt ashamed. He was quite rightly booed at the end. Spitting and insulting the audience is not right at all”

Some may dismiss these comments as sour grapes from Mayer, but he’s completely right. Almagro was his usual cowardly self out there today - trying to influence linespeople and the umpire, shouting at members of the crowd, attempting to bully Mayer by shouting loud after winning points and laughing at Mayer after every one of his unforced errors, and so on.

It was funny because for the longest time, the crowd were attempting to be as fair as possible towards Almagro. However it got to the point where it would have almost been shameful for them not to stick up for their countryman by booing Almagro, and boo him they did. They booed and jeered his winning points, cheered his errors and double faults and even clapped enthusiastically on missed first serves. Almagro was furious afterwards, and as he left the court to a chorus of boos, he shouted and gestured furiously to the crowd and specific members of the crowd. I didn’t see any spitting, but it really wouldn’t be much of a surprise.

Let’s just hope that Verdasco can put a stop to Almagro’s antics and take out the trash tomorrow when he faces his countryman tomorrow.


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