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Hello. Oh. Grunting. Bye.

I wanted my comeback post to be about sunshine and butterflies, but instead - sigh - we’re back to that age-old grunting debate. I try to bite my tongue and stay away from the most ridiculous “issue” in tennis, but it just keeps on pullin’ me back in. Today the culprit is, amazingly, the WTA [...]

Quotable Quotes: Martina Hingis Discusses WTA Depth

Though often a critic of many of the WTA players on tour, when asked about the supposed lack of depth on the WTA during yesterday’s press conference, Martina Hingis’ reaction to the suggestion that there is no depth on the WTA in 2012 was very telling. Are you serious? Are you kidding? I mean, now [...]

Quotable Quotes: Venus Opens Up About Her Illness

Four months after dramatically pulling out of the US Open due to Sjogren’s syndrome, Venus Williams has finally spoken candidly about her battle with Sjrojens Syndrome. Conversing with People magazine, the seven-time Slam champion discussed her reaction and recovery after being dealt such a dramatic mental and pysical blow. “I couldn’t raise my arm over [...]

“The Greatest Roadtrip In Sports” moves to Stanford

After last week’s Atlanta, the US Open Series really kicks off now with WTA Stanford and the likes of Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams headlining things. I tried and tried to avoid writing about this tournament until it would have been shameful to do so, and it appears we have reached that point. So here [...]

Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova at the ESPYs: A New Chapter?

Remember back when Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova were supposedly sworn enemies? Well those days are apparently long gone as the lovely couple pair chatted together and posed for the cameras during last night’s ESPY awards. It’s quite funny looking at these two together now. Ever since Sharapova’s shock victory over Serena at Wimbledon in [...]


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