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From The Vault: Jennifer Capriati’s Greatest Triumph

Last week it was announced that Jennifer Capriati will be honoured at the Tennis Hall of Fame later this year. The reaction was unanimous satisfaction at the decision to honour the former world number one and three time Grand Slam champion. And rightly so. Even by the lofty standards of those who have achieved what [...]

Quotable Quotes: Martina Hingis Gives Wozniacki Comparisons The Finger

Ever since Caroline Wozniacki rose to the top of the WTA, countless comparisons have been made between her and the great five time Grand Slam Champion Martina Hingis. However, Martina Hingis was having none of it when she spoke to Matt Cronin in San diego; “I think I had more game than her,” Hingis told [...]

It’s Apparently Official: Federer and Hingis To Meet Next Week And Discuss Olympic Mixed Doubles

French Eurosport are now reporting that Hingis and Federer(‘s entourage?) are to sit down next week and seriously discuss the possibility of playing in the Olympics. Swiss Tennis president Reneacute has confirmed to Sports show Friday that a potential Federer-Hingis partnership is being considered seriously and a meeting between the two players will be held [...]

Serena Williams and Martina Hingis Light Up New York In WTT

Serena Williams and Martina Hingis renewed their rivalry for the first time in 9 years this week as they faced-off on back to back days at World Team Tennis in New York, with Serena representing the unbeaten Washington Kastles and Martina, the New York Sportimes. Their first meeting, which Serena took 5-3, was not broadcasted [...]

Wingis Keeps on Winning

Yesterday, Martina Hingis continued her unbeaten singles run in Billie Jean King’s World Team Tennis league, picking up her biggest win of the series as she defeated 28th-ranked Gajdosova 5-4. With The Daily Forehand’s chat with Martina Hingis on the possibility of collaborating with Roger Federer at next year’s London Olympics and Hingis’ massive increase [...]


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