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Way Back Wednesday: 10 Nostalgic Pictures. Just Because.

A while ago I stumbled across my old photobucket account, and with it many amusing, sad and iconic pictures I had long since forgotten about. I suddenly felt the burning and unshakeable urge to share these pictures (well, mostly this picture), and here we are.

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And This Is What Happens When Tennis Players Don’t Play Tennis..

So in light of all the mid-season craziness going on in the tennis world, Fernando Verdasco went to new lows by shaving off his infamous Ferhawk.

I mean not only does it make him look like Andre Agassi which is not usually a good thing, but the guy has an endorsement deal with Head and Shoulders shampoo thanks to that hair, yet he has gone and shaven it all off? Genius.

Elsewhere, Dinara Safina tried to better him with, well, this;

I… have… no… words…


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