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Andy Murray Fights Back… In The Press Room

Sounds like Andy Murray wasn’t too impressed with Roger Federer’s recent attempt to play down his Asian run. And while Federer attempted to backtrack on his second day of media, Murray simply brought his own claws out and (for once in his life) went on the offensive. “Winning three tournaments in a row is difficult [...]

Three Thoughts Ahead Of The ATP World Tour Finals

Today in London, the eight qualifiers for the ATP World Tour Finals were drawn into their groups for the very last time in 2011, and we were finally given a glimpse into what the final week of the ATP tour will in store for us. Check out the draw below. Sunday & Monday OOP 1) [...]

Novak Djokovic to miss Beijing and Shanghai

After his horrifying episode at the Davis Cup where he fell to the ground in a scream of pain before being forced to retire and hand the tie over to Argentina, Serbian press are now reporting that the world number one will be out for just under a month; Doctors have found a tear in [...]

Quotable Quotes: Roger Federer Lashes out at Novak Djokovic, is he correct?

After squandering double match point to Novak Djokovic in an epic fifth set for the second successive year at the US Open, an unimpressed Roger Federer refused to hand out free compliments to his rival, criticizing his approach to the match from double match point down. “I didn’t hit the best serve. But it’s just [...]

The Big Four To Square-Off Once Again

2011 has seen an unprecedented year at the slams from the big four. In the sixteen semi-final spots available this year, only two have been filled by players outside of that charmed square. And even those two were the result of Nadal injuring himself early in his Australian Open quarterfinal and Federer choking a two-set [...]

Let’s Talk About The Men’s US Open Draw, Shall We?

Amongst a slew of raised eyebrows and exasperated headshakes at the appalling handling of the draw ceremony by both the USTA and ESPN, the US Open singles draws were finally drawn and quartered yesterday for the world to see. For the men’s draw, you couldn’t escape the feeling that it was a complete anti-climax, as [...]

Donkey Kong Ain’t Got Nothing on These Two

A week ago Novak Djokovic willingly put his life in grave danger by imitating Maria Sharapova. Luckily for him, Maria saw the light side of it and in the week that has passed, the pair have been shooting back badly tagged banter on facebook, while simultaneously trash talking each other in the press - Maria, [...]

Two Guys, One Vase.

Yesterday, Andy Murray picked up his first Masters 1000 title of the year and 7th of his career, leading Novak Djokovic 6-4 *3-0 when the world number one was force to retire. It was a tough situation all-round. It has to be tough for Andy to win such a big title like that. But he’ll [...]

Quotable Quotes: Novak Djokovic Shares The Secret To His Unwavering Energy

Yesterday, Novak Djokovic captured his fifth masters title of the year and ninth title of his career with a 6-2 3-6 6-4 victory over Mardy Fish. Most expected him to drop down after he lost his first match of the year in Paris, and then once again after he achieved ‘his dream’ at Wimbledon last [...]

Quotable Quotes: According to Tsonga, Novak Djokovic is just a Jack Of All Trades

After his questionable retirement to Novak Djokovic in the semifinals of Montreal while trailing 4-6 0-3, Jo Wilfried Tsonga had some, well, interesting things to say about his opponent afterwards: “He plays incredible tennis but he’s not an alien. In fact, what he does is doing everything better than the others … He doesn’t hit [...]


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