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Roger Federer and Rod Laver Share Their War Stories On ESPN

It is probably not often that Roger Federer gets starstruck and nervous from merely being in the presence of a person, but judging by the amount of nervous smiling on show from the GOAT, sitting down in the ESPN studio to chat with Rod Laver was one of those rare moments.

Yannick Noah Accuses ALL Spanish Tennis Players and Sportsmen of Doping

Yannick Noah today launched an astonishing attack on Spanish tennis and sport in general, accusing the leading Spanish sportsmen and teams of taking “the magic potion”. The former French Open champion wrote on his column in Le Monde, eventually suggesting that doping should simply be accepted and all players free to do it. Take a [...]

Players Clash With The USTA; What To Take From It.

After Tuesday’s Day and Night sessions were completely washed out, today brought similar woes as rain threatened to completely throw off the US Open’s schedule and only around 10-12 minutes of play was managed before the players were carted off-court and play was eventually suspended. In a desperate attempt to get players on-court and the [...]

Donkey Kong Ain’t Got Nothing on These Two

A week ago Novak Djokovic willingly put his life in grave danger by imitating Maria Sharapova. Luckily for him, Maria saw the light side of it and in the week that has passed, the pair have been shooting back badly tagged banter on facebook, while simultaneously trash talking each other in the press - Maria, [...]

How Did Rafa Do On Letterman?

Yesterday, Rafael Nadal was on the US talk show Letterman ahead of the US Open. I can’t even deny that I was pretty nervous for him - these days his English is fine when talking about tennis, but as soon as the subject veers away from tennis it quickly becomes awkward silence after awkward silence [...]

Quotable Quotes: Stacey Allaster Discusses The Grunting ‘Issue’

Last month, we saw seemingly more discussion and criticism arise about grunting in tennis than ever before, so much so that WTA CEO Stacey Allaster finally decided to discuss the ‘issue’ during the Rogers Cup in Toronto this week. “We have a hindrance rule. The reality of it is the athletes themselves are not coming [...]

Quotable Quotes: Andy Murray And His New Diet

Andy Murray has recently spoken about his recent change of diet and the hope that it will help make that final leap to win a Grand slam.

Quotable Quotes: Marat Safin Discusses Political Aims, Joining ‘United Russia’

We all know Marat Safin as the immensely talented champion, who thanks to injuries and a whole lotta laziness, will always go down as a great underachiever in tennis circles. After his retirement last year, most undoubtedly expected him to fall back into a chilled and laid back life, with no more troubles or toils [...]

I’ll Believe it When I See It, Novak


Poppin’ That Main Draw Cherry

Pretty great effort from Laurynas Grigelis, Daniel Kosakowski and Alexandra Mueller to qualify for their first ever tour main draws in LA and Washington respectively. In the main draws, Grigelis got the unseeded Falla, Kosakowski got fellow qualie Smyczek and Mueller got Naughtya. Iiinteresting.


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