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Quotable Quotes: Billie Jean Who?! Caroline fights for Tennis’ rights.

Despite losing in straight sets to Angelique Kerber the final of her own home tournament, Caroline Wozniacki still managed to leave the Kopenhagen Open with people talking about her as The Telegraph yesterday published an interesting interview on finance with the former world number one. One of her answers has caused quite the stir. DO [...]

The Kurious Kase of Karolina’s Koaching Situation…

It’s tough to believe that it has already been a full six months since we all rolled our eyes in unison upon Caroline and Piotr Wozniacki announcement of Piotr’s resignation from his coaching post. The eyes were rolling almost immediately, and every deflected ‘mystery coach’ question from the then-#1 brought more and more skepticism and [...]

Sven Groeneveld Says Some (Silly) Things About The Recent Slam Champions

With Caroline Wozniacki at number one without even a whiff of a slam while Li Na, Petra Kvitova and Sam Stosur all won their very first Grand Slams in 2011, the slamless #1 issue vs #1-less Grand Slam champion discussion has been one of the most prominent to come out of 2011. Recently, Karolina’s (co-co-co?) [...]

Caroline Wozniacki Does Her ‘Thing’ In Bratislava, Rest Of World Sighs [Photos]

If you thought the off-season would give us a short break from our omnipresent world number one, you were sadly mistaken. During her exhibiton match today in Bratislava against Dominika Cibukova, the Dane had a few more stunts up her Stella McCartney-designed sleeves. Check out darling Caroline doing what she does best at the jump.

Caroline Wozniacki and Turkish Airlines Plan Their Next Attack [Video]

After attacking our eyes and ears for most of 2011 with their infamous advertising campaign, Caroline Wozniacki and Turkish Airlines are already planning their next offensive on our sanity as our #1 returned to Istanbul to shoot some brand new promotional pictures. She also appears to be wearing next year’s adidas dress which I’m happy [...]

BREAKING: Karolina Wozniacka to open a clothing store in Istanbul

Okay, not really. But I’m here covering the WTA YEC in Istanbul and out of the blue I just thought, ‘remember that blog thing that I used to… blog things on?’ So yeah, to all the 2 people who still read this blog, I’m back. Kinda. Don’t expect to find anything of substance here though. [...]

The WTA Race for Year-end number one is BACK ON.

Moments ago, Flavia Pennetta landed a memorable victory over Caroline Wozniacki. The match itself was exciting, dramatic and made absolutely zero sense, but perhaps what’s even more interesting is that - after looking done and dusted with Sharapova’s retirement in Tokyo last week and withdrawal from Beijing this week - the race to number one [...]

Quotable Quotes: Karolina “Don’t call me Wozniacki!” Wozniacka hits Poland

Last week, our majestic and charitable world number one visited Poland and travelled around to various Polish media stations, charming the press with her great charisma and beautiful voice. For once, she actually had quite a bit to say, speaking about some off-court ventures she has been recently involved in. “I like to help others, [...]

Quotable Quotes: Richard Williams: Caroline Wozniacki is “like a daughter to me”.

We’ve heard from Wozniacki’s twitter page about her countless rendezvous with “her friends” - the Williams sisters - and after Serena Williams’ 6-2 6-4 victory over Wozniacki, her dad Richard decided to repay some of the grovelling compliments that Wozniacki has given to his daughters over the last few years. “It was a nice fight, [...]

Caroline Wozniacki Finds Heaven In New Haven

She may still play the same ol’ unattractive, unimpressive and, well, un-winning tennis that she has been widely criticized for in recent times, but Caroline Wozniacki still has a lot to smile about right now. After her 7-6(2) 6-4 semifinal victory over Francesca Schiavone, the Yale football team, her formal flames, came storming on for [...]


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