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Jelena and Damir Dokic Reconcile In Serbia

Five years after she finally mustered up the courage to split from her infamous and notorious father, Serbian media is now reporting that Jelena Dokic has travelled back to Serbia to reconcile with the man who spent most of her life emotionally, and allegedly physically, abusing her. and Pravda;

(Dokic) arrived on Wednesday in Vrdnik along with her ​​boyfriend Tin Bikic, at the farm where her father lives. In Serbia she will try to heal the (shoulder) injury and take off excess pounds, to be in good shape at her awaited return to the field. According to some sources it is today in Vrdnik ran eight miles, in order to lose weight.

Confirmation also comes in the form of Dusan Grujic of tennis club Partizan.

Recently I spoke with Damir Dokic and he told me. Jelena arrived in the family home in Vrdnik with her boyfriend Tin Bikic, who is a good guy. Good thing that Damir accepted (them). After all that had survived the last few years for them the best we have come together as a family.

Oh loorrrrrrd (™Jelena Jankovic). We all saw and heard all Jelena’s various ‘tell-all’ interviews when she first came back into the public eye in 2009. She spoke emotionally about her father’s abuse and how she was free of him and would never return, and yet here she is back in Serbia with the monster.

The scariest thing is that the bans that Damir incurred back in the day were all short-term, and so should this whole reconciliation thing goes well, he could well attend some of Jelena’s future events. I guess we just have to hope that in the years of estrangement from his daughter, Damir has gained a bit of perspective and sanity.

And if not and Dokic Sr. does try any of his funny business, that Tin will step in and lay a smackdown on the 53 year-old’s ass. I don’t advocate violence, but he deserves it.

3 Responses to Jelena and Damir Dokic Reconcile In Serbia

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  2. mirko s October 7, 2011 at 10:05 am

    Very tentative and ‘unfair’ comments that only severs the media.
    Australian media always pretended to be helping Jelana. In fact , their ‘protection’ caused far more damage to Jelena an to her career than all what her father did.

  3. mari October 8, 2011 at 7:05 pm

    To the author of this text: Why are you speaking that way of a man you don’t know personally? It tells more about you then about Damir Dokic, who surely is short-tempered because he’s very emotional and saddened when he sees injustice, but otherwise a man with a good heart. I am so glad Jelena returned to reconcile and work with him, because she had her best years with him. Without the father, she did nothing. Besides, if he had really been so bad for Jelena, she would surely have never returned to him.

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