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Roger Federer and Rod Laver Share Their War Stories On ESPN

It is probably not often that Roger Federer gets starstruck and nervous from merely being in the presence of a person, but judging by the amount of nervous smiling on show from the GOAT, sitting down in the ESPN studio to chat with Rod Laver was one of those rare moments.

Federer Demolishes Nadal In London: A Few Fedal Fhoughts

Tonight at the 02 Arena saw a slightly anticlimatic finish to the long-awaited rematch between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, with Federer steamrolling the Spaniard, easing through 6-3 6-0 in an hour. Roger? Majestic. The bipolar opinions on Roger Federer’s form in 2011 have really been something else. After his various uncharacteristic losses this year, [...]

Quotable Quotes: Roger Federer attempts to play down Andy Murray’s Asian Run

Not content on his rubbishing of Andy Murray’s strike talk a fortnight ago in Basel, according to the Daily Mail Roger Federer this week also had a lot to say about the Scot’s on-court form. Specifically his unbeaten run in Asia which saw him pick up three straight tournament wins and rise above Federer in [...]

Three Thoughts Ahead Of The ATP World Tour Finals

Today in London, the eight qualifiers for the ATP World Tour Finals were drawn into their groups for the very last time in 2011, and we were finally given a glimpse into what the final week of the ATP tour will in store for us. Check out the draw below. Sunday & Monday OOP 1) [...]

Quotable Quotes: Roger Federer’s Got Jokes

After wrapping up his victory over Bernard Tomic in 4 and watching teammate Stan Wawrinka go up 5-3 on Hewitt in the fifth set before the match was posponed due to bad light, Roger Federer was in rare form as he addressed the press afterwards. Q: “You’re quite a big deal.” Federer: “Yeah.” On what [...]

Quotable Quotes: Bernard Tomic Admits Love For Federer as Australia and Switzerland Split Rubbers

Davis Cup weekend kicked off in Perth as Australia and Switzerland split points in the first two singles matches of the tie. There were no surprises as Australia’s top-ranked player Bernard Tomic recovered from a set down to defeat an out-of-form Stanislas Wawrinka 4-6, 6-4, 6-3, 6-3, before Roger Federer also lost the first set [...]

Quotable Quotes: Roger Federer Lashes out at Novak Djokovic, is he correct?

After squandering double match point to Novak Djokovic in an epic fifth set for the second successive year at the US Open, an unimpressed Roger Federer refused to hand out free compliments to his rival, criticizing his approach to the match from double match point down. “I didn’t hit the best serve. But it’s just [...]

The Big Four To Square-Off Once Again

2011 has seen an unprecedented year at the slams from the big four. In the sixteen semi-final spots available this year, only two have been filled by players outside of that charmed square. And even those two were the result of Nadal injuring himself early in his Australian Open quarterfinal and Federer choking a two-set [...]

Let’s Talk About The Men’s US Open Draw, Shall We?

Amongst a slew of raised eyebrows and exasperated headshakes at the appalling handling of the draw ceremony by both the USTA and ESPN, the US Open singles draws were finally drawn and quartered yesterday for the world to see. For the men’s draw, you couldn’t escape the feeling that it was a complete anti-climax, as [...]

Two Guys, One Vase.

Yesterday, Andy Murray picked up his first Masters 1000 title of the year and 7th of his career, leading Novak Djokovic 6-4 *3-0 when the world number one was force to retire. It was a tough situation all-round. It has to be tough for Andy to win such a big title like that. But he’ll [...]


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