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  1. ubaldo scanagatta November 17, 2011 at 5:09 pm

    Hi, will you be in London for ATP Finals? I’d like to know more about you.
    My name is Ubaldo Scanagatta. I am thinking about expanding my website with a more updated English version…and perhaps you could help. My email is [email protected],
    on skype yoiu can ask me me to accept you at ubaldoscanagatta (but if you will be accredited in London we can talk there…)

    All-around writer Ubaldo Scanagatta, born in Florence in 1949 where he is still resident, has always been involved with tennis.Former Italian College champion, singles and doubles.

    While playing at Oral Roberts Tulsa Oklahoma in 1973 he had wins with quite a few American of A level, plus the Mexican #1 and Davis Cup Player Joaquin Loyo Mayo (who reached the third round of Wimbledon and the fourth round of the US Open). Ubaldo was the Florence ATP Tournament Director for few years (1975-1980).He was the European Tennis Press (ETP) Chairman, to whom was delivered the annual ATP Ron Bookman Media Award (1995, Montecarlo Atp Award). One of the founders of the ITWA, the International Tennis Writers Association.

    TV broadcaster for Mediaset, Tele+ and Sky Tv, for more than 1,000 matches. Special tennis correspondent 32 years at La Nazione, Il Giorno, Il Resto del Carlino, three national newspapers. Actually broadcaster for Radio Montecarlo (earlier Radio Rai, Radio Dimensione Suono). Covered 124 Grand Slam Tournaments (28 US Opens in a row, 38 Wimbledon Championhsips, 36 Roland Garros, 22 Australian Open), 4 Olympic Games, 3 America’s Cups, few World Swimming Championships.

    Editor of several tennis books (with the most complete database of all on the Italian Open ( )

    and magazines, he can be found online at the most popular Italian tennis website:

    Editor of stays in touch daily with thousands of tennis fans. His website gets up to more than 30,000 hits in the same day and averages 360,000 visitors per month and more than 4 million per year. The visitors stay tuned for an outstanding average of 9 minutes! His website, built up with staff writers plus the help of a community of 50 tennis writers, has an Italian and an English Home Page. Writers include Rino Tommasi, a famous Italian writer whose daily predictions have been included in the US Open Program for several years. is by far the most popular private tennis website in Italy.

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