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Video Vault: How to play a Match Point - by Novak Djokovic, Ana Ivanovic, Bernard Tomic and Ashleigh Barty


It’s safe to say that not everyone is a fan of mixed doubles, but when executed correctly it can be just as entertaining as either of the other two disciplines. Look no further than today’s Hopman Cup deciding rubber which saw prolific Serbs Novak Djokovic and Ana Ivanovic scrape past Aussie youngsters Bernard Tomic and Ashleigh Barty in an epic 3 (more like 2 and a quarter) set match.

For better or worse, crazy things happen when the ATP and WTA collide. But even so, I can’t think of too many more surreal sights in any sport than watching the 5-time Grand Slam winning current ATP world number one and greatest returner on the planet gravely struggling to read and return the serve of a 5ft4, 16 year old girl ranked 175 on the women’s tour. Oh, and there’s also the small matter of the above jaw-droppingly outrageous 29-stroke stroke rally between the four on Serbia’s first match point. (Mixed) Doubles? Love it.

Hot Shot: Ana Ivanovic’s (alleged) New Man

According to Serbian press, this is Ana Ivanovic’s new boyfriend. His name is Vanja Udovicic and - get this - he’s an Olympic (duh) Water Polo player.

According to well informed sources, Ana and Vanya were seen daily for two months and published in two well-known Belgrade shops, and only recently has their friendship grew into something more. The two knew each other before, but intense friendship began in April when Ana is the second time hung up with Adam Scott

All that matters is, if this is true, Ana and Jelena are now both dating Water Polo players. Consequently, they have no excuse to not to start going out together on double dates. I want pics.

Another Day, Another Loss for Ana Ivanovic

This time she made her swift exit to Ayumi Morita, losing 6-4 7-5.

Both the ball toss and her abysmal mental strength have been discussed to death, but what most caught my attention today was how the rest of her game has followed suit. Last week I stumbled upon a video of her from 2006, and though she’s ranked at almost exactly the same spot she was for most of 2006, she barely resembles the player she was even back long before her glory days. So much has been said about her passive play this year, but it’s more than just a mental problem - her game has just lost so much of what once made her formidable. She was clearly trying to be aggressive and step in on countless balls today, but it just wasn’t working.

The rest of Ivanovic’s year is going to be about damage control. She’s completely overranked as it is, and if she doesn’t find even a glimmer of form, her ranking can and will end up down in the dumps and possibly even lower than it was midway through 2010. Bad times.


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