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Sven Groeneveld Says Some (Silly) Things About The Recent Slam Champions

With Caroline Wozniacki at number one without even a whiff of a slam while Li Na, Petra Kvitova and Sam Stosur all won their very first Grand Slams in 2011, the slamless #1 issue vs #1-less Grand Slam champion discussion has been one of the most prominent to come out of 2011. Recently, Karolina’s (co-co-co?) [...]

Petra Kvitova Becomes First Big US Open Casualty

Six or so weeks ago at Wimbledon, we revelled in complete shock and awe at Petra Kvitova’s stunning performance throughout the fortnight. We all expected a massive letdown, but it never came and she stormed to the title - not even challenged in the two matches she dropped sets in. A month and a half [...]

Open or Closed? US Open Women’s Preview

Open. In the absense of Serena Williams, Venus Williams and Kim Clijsters for so much of 2011, that one word sums up to a tee the first 7 months of the year. With the greatest players momentarily out of the picture, new players have risen to prominence, both confirming and exceeding expectations, going further on [...]

Photo: Petra Kvitova covers Magazín DNES

Last week, Wimbledon Champ Petra Kvitova was on the cover of Czech TV Guide mag Magazín DNES. It’s really amazing how well she cleans up off-court - Petra has looked stunning in all of her various public appearances and photoshoots since taking home the Wimbledon title. She’s currently in the Tatry Mountains in Slovakia, relaxing [...]

All Hail Queen Petra Kvitova

As if she wasn’t majestic enough already, someone decided to make this glorious video of 122 (apparently all of them, but I’m sure there were more than that) of Petra’s winners en-route to her Wimbledon title. Bow. Down. The beatdown she gave Wickmayer still makes me chuckle. Wickmayer just didn’t have any time to react, [...]

Quotable Quotes: Shady Piotr Wozniacki Attempts To Steal Kvitova’s Fitness Coach

Today, Slovakian sport website Dennik Sport published an interview with Petra Kvitova’s fitness coach Jozef Ivanko. He spoke mostly about his work with Petra, but one of the interesting things was him discussing his relationship with none other than Mr Wozniacki. After Wimbledon 2011 Piotr sent me a text message, because he knows my contract [...]


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