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Hot Shot: Petkovic Claims First Racquet Smash Of 2012

Judging by the mangled remains of Andrea Petkovic’s racquet, doubles isn’t always fun and games for top players. According to an eye-witness, quite a bit went down when the two entertainers teamed up for the first time earlier today; Apparently (Andrea) & JJ believed that the ball they hit in a net exchange or rally [...]

Quotable Quotes: Jelena Jankovic Gets A Bit Serious

There may have been many laughs had at the expense of Jelena Jankovic this year, but behind all the usual diva showings, the abysmal losses and the complete lack of any effort at points in this season, it seems like the diva is finally growing up. And a couple of days she sat down with [...]

So, the Jankovics and Troickis *apparently* want to murder each other

During my little blogging break, the Serbian media have been running a story about the Jankovics and Troickis who are alleged to be locked in some bitter Montague-Capulet-esque family feud. “Viktor was having a massage, and and Snezana, Jelena’s Mum, stormed into the room and started yelling at him and the massage therapists, claiming that [...]

Ricardo Sanchez and Jelena Jankovic’s Personality Make Thunderous Returns in Cincinnati

Remember him? That’s Ricardo Sanchez, the narcissitic coach who has built up quite a notorious reputation in his time around the WTA tour. His nadir came during 2008 Stuttgart when both his charge Jelena Jankovic and Venus Williams produced a classic encounter, running each other from side to side before collapsing after practically every point. [...]

Sneki Jankovic and Piotr Wozniacki Go Head to Head in Cincinnati

If the average picture does say a thousand words, then this one speaks a trillion. Wozniacki and Jankovic practiced together this week in Cincinnati and judging by the picture, Jankovic was none to pleased about something - clearly snapped right in the middle of one of her trademark moany, smokey-voiced rants. Meanwhile, Sneki looks like [...]

Jelena Jankovic Is ALIVE

She turned up to Wimbledon only a couple of days before the tournament even began and has played one match in the best part of ten weeks, spending most of her time at home in Belgrade partying with friends and family. And even though her name is on the drawsheet, it’s quite hard to call [...]


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