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Way Back Wednesday: 10 Nostalgic Pictures. Just Because.

A while ago I stumbled across my old photobucket account, and with it many amusing, sad and iconic pictures I had long since forgotten about. I suddenly felt the burning and unshakeable urge to share these pictures (well, mostly this picture), and here we are.

Dinara caught by paparazzi in 2011 during her back injury lay-off.

Papped by one of our own. Who could have possibly foreseen the drama that would ensue and the monster McWozilroy would become?

A picture sadly symbolic of the route Anna Chakvetadze tennis career has taken since she and her family were savagely burgled and threatened in 2008.

One second Serena and Drake were dating, the next she was kicking the infamously insecure rapper to the kerb after he spied on her phone. Since their brief courtship, Drake has obsessed over trashy rapper Nicki Minaj, creepily tattooed the late Aaliyah’s face to his back and tossed bottles across a club at Chris Brown while arguing with Brown over his ex(-victim), Rihanna. For Serena, a great escape.

Our former prom king and queen.

Jelena Dokic reuniting with her infamous and abusive father in September 2011 after 8 years of estrangement. Since he rejoined her life and tennis career, she has amassed a 3-10 W-L record and hasn’t competed since Charleston in April. So that went well.

Four years on and I’m still undecided over the most most embarrassing aspect of this picture - is it the smoking or the fact that she’s a millionaire athlete yet driving a VW Polo? I mean, a Polo.

During the mid-2000s, many looked towards the likes of Safina, Szavay (both above), Sharapova, Ivanovic, Chakvetadze, Golovin, Vaidisova and others to take the helm once the Williams’ generation was finished. Only Sharapova and Ivanovic remain active top 100 players in 2013. The lost generation.

And finally, simply the most awkward moment in tennis history.

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One Response to Way Back Wednesday: 10 Nostalgic Pictures. Just Because.

  1. Malik Omair January 6, 2013 at 5:42 pm

    WoW! You have got a hell of a collection of photos. What the heck is the last one is about? I mean the Dimitrov and Monfils one?

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