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Video Vault: A Disgusted Pam Shriver Dispatches On Yulia Putintseva

I’ve been shouting it out from the rooftops for years now. Whilst many knickers have been in a twist over Azarenka, Serena, Maria and anyone else with just an ounce of attitude, there has been a player by the name of Yulia Putintseva slowly appearing on the horizon. A player who threatens to usurp and destroy everything we know and love. She’s angry, she’s mean and she eats little children for breakfast. This is all factual information.

This week she finally arrived, qualifying for the Australian Open main draw before taking American sweetheart Christina McHale as her first victim. Aunt Pammy was on-hand to cover the final games of their contest, and the utter repulsion and disgust in the tone of her voice whilst recounting but a few of Putintseva’s innumerable antics is incredible, hilarious and only a sign of things to come. Don’t ever say I didn’t warn you, tennis world.

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One Response to Video Vault: A Disgusted Pam Shriver Dispatches On Yulia Putintseva

  1. David (@ovafanboy) January 15, 2013 at 4:49 pm

    Yulia Putintseva is a beautiful person. eff all da haterzzzz!!!

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