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Jelena Jankovic Is ALIVE

She turned up to Wimbledon only a couple of days before the tournament even began and has played one match in the best part of ten weeks, spending most of her time at home in Belgrade partying with friends and family. And even though her name is on the drawsheet, it’s quite hard to call her a tennis player when she doesn’t actually play tennis anymore. Thankfully, we can once again as the Rogers Cup youtube page uploaded a video of her (*gasp*) actually hitting a couple of balls over the net. Panic averted.

I’m really intrigued to see how she does in Toronto. After her insufferable moaning about not having any motivation or whatever, she has had a long break and you would expect her to come out refreshed. On paper she has been handed just about the toughest draw you can be handed in the ’10s - providing she even gets past Goerges, she’ll be forced to play against Serena Williams, with the winner most likely facing Kim Clijsters in the third round.

But even so, historically both Williams sisters have always brought out the best in Jankovic’s game, forcing her to play the top class tennis that she’s always capable of. And her impressive record against both Serena and Venus speaks for itself. Could this nightmare draw be the firm kick up her ass she needs to find some inspiration and motivation again? We shall see.

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