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Sure, Ryan. We All Believe You…

Ryan Harrison has recently been getting some well-deserved criticism for his on-court temper tantrums, and from the sounds of it, he ain’t happy. After more questions on the subject, he attempted to defend himself by bringing up the Serena Williams incident from 2009, stating that he would “never put myself in a Serena situation”. But not content with that, he followed it up the next day with this gem;

“To be honest with you, Federer, personally if he had a little more fire, it would help him get back to the top.”

I actually genuinely like this guy and his game, and my problem with the quotes isn’t that he he’s criticizing Federer and Serena or whatever, but rather that he is implying that his attitude is actually better than the two legends. That outburst will always be the nadir of Serena’s career on-court, but that was one isolated incident after an abnormal amount of injustices that were always dealt with in good grace.

But Harrison? Well, I’m no expert but I’d say that throwing your toys out of the pram multiple times in every match, regardless of whether the match is serious or just a ‘hit ‘n’ giggle’, is probably worse:

And as for the second quote, he’s pretty much suggesting that if Federer has *his* “fire”, Federer would get back to the top. That deserves no comment…

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