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Stanford: #121 BEATS #4

Vika Azarenka was ousted from the Stanford draw in her very first match as lowly qulifier Marina Erakovic fought back from a set down to take out the defending champion 4-6 7-5 6-2.

It’s an unbelievably ridiculous loss, but the fact that Erakovic played a great match will and has already been lost in hype of Azarenka losing to such a low-ranked player, but she sure did. She quite reminds me of a second/third/fourth-rate Sam Stosur, and throughout the match she was systematically dusting away forehand winner after forehand winner, completely outrallying the world number four for over two hours. And really the second set is flattering for the top-seed, had Erakovic taken all her countless chances in set 2, the last two sets would’ve been so, so routine.

As for Azarenka, all I can really do is just shake my head. She specializes in completely murdering every single lower-ranked player before generally falling to the first big hitter she meets, but now she can’t even do the former? Wow.

Elsewhere, Sabine continued her great form by also causing an upset (though not really an upset) over Sam Stosur, in a match on way too late for me to even attempt to stay up for.

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2 Responses to Stanford: #121 BEATS #4

  1. Bradbury July 29, 2011 at 1:42 pm

    Where is the article on Sarin and Martha? this peasants should be relegated to tier 3 priority

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