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“The Greatest Roadtrip In Sports” moves to Stanford

After last week’s Atlanta, the US Open Series really kicks off now with WTA Stanford and the likes of Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams headlining things. I tried and tried to avoid writing about this tournament until it would have been shameful to do so, and it appears we have reached that point. So here we go. And why was I avoiding it, you ask? Because of the damn draw, that’s why.

Just look at it.

I mean as soon as the words left Maria’s mouth that she wanted to face Serena this summer, it was obvious that unseededandloomingrena was going to be plopped straight into Sharapova’s section. And lo and behold, they’re due to meet in the quarters.

Elsewhere, while top-seeded Azarenka has a ‘catwalk’ all the way to the semis and Ivanovic and Bartoli are seeded to play in the quarterfinals, that bottom half is filled to the brim with good players. Poor Mashka down to meet Julia Goerges and should she get through that, she’ll have to meet up with Serena again. Hantuchova will most likely be up against Masha S in the second round, while doubles partners Sam and Sabine are due to face-off in the second round. Tough.

Looks like quite the DMC.

But objectively speaking, it doesn’t really matter. This early in the US Open series, it’s just about staying fit and getting enough quality matchplay and practice in the heat ahead of the two big ones and then the final slam of the year. There’s no doubt they’ll get that in Stanford, and hopefully we’ll get a bit of quality tennis too.

(pictures via sedna90377)

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