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Quotable Quotes: Philipp Petzsschner Can Evade Questions Almost As Well As David Cameron

After his disappointing 6-2 4-6 7-6(5) loss to Marsel Ilhan yesterday in Stuttgart, Philipp Petszchner created a bit of drama in the press room as he refused to answer any questions relating to the match, instead pointedly rambling on about his favourite football team Hamburger SV;

We are speechless, what was that?
Petzschner: “I hope that HSV has established the right team for the season and that they make the Uefa Cup. “

What was the match ball?
Petzschner: “Yes, we have a lot of newbies and therefore it is a difficult situation. Yes, uh, but I just hope that people will pursue such as Mancienne and Bruma, and creates the HSV the Uefa Cup next season.

The golf round has been more fun than the game today, right?
Petzschner: “Golf was good. Hamburg is a beautiful city. It was an honor to be allowed to play on the court.

Because no further comments were, Petzschner took the word again. “Then, if no more questions are to soccer, I go again.” He said it and disappeared.

He was, of course, completely crucified by German newspapers and sport publications for this stunt, and rightly so - they’re only doing their jobs and it’s immature to take his frustration out on them. But still, I can’t deny that I found it quite funny.


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