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Martina Hingis Endorses Maria Sharapova Ahead of The French Open

As the second Grand Slam of the year fast approaches, an article in the Daily Telegraph has surfaced, with two-time finalist Martina Hingis assessing the women’s field and giving her prediction of this year’s French Open Champion. Of all the possible winners in with a chance, the five-time Grand Slam champion picked Maria Sharapova as the player most likely to go all the way this year. She wrote;

“Sharapova is undoubtedly a great competitor, so strong in the mind, and that is often key in Paris, as it is the most mentally draining of the grand slam tournaments. When Sharapova is playing well, she just never lets go. I suppose that could be seen as being mean on the court, but I have always viewed it as professionalism.

“Winning matches and titles tends to be even more satisfying after returning from an injury, than it was before, as you have had to deal with so many obstacles to get back to where you were.

There is no real reason, though, why Sharapova, whose victory in the Italian Open in Rome came against last year’s French Open runner-up Sam Stosur, cannot also win this year’s title at Roland Garros.

The key with Sharapova has always been whether she stays healthy or not. She is still young, just 24, so she has many more years left in her if she can avoid injury, and her shoulder is OK.

Every girl finds one tournament where she immediately feels comfortable and I am sure Schiavone will be at home again in Paris when she walks on court to start the defence of her title. However I think this just might be Sharapova’s year.”

I, for one, won’t be disagreeing with you, Chucky.

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