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Quotable Quotes: Richard Williams: Caroline Wozniacki is “like a daughter to me”.

We’ve heard from Wozniacki’s twitter page about her countless rendezvous with “her friends” - the Williams sisters - and after Serena Williams’ 6-2 6-4 victory over Wozniacki, her dad Richard decided to repay some of the grovelling compliments that Wozniacki has given to his daughters over the last few years.

“It was a nice fight, said Richard Williams. Caroline Wozniacki is one of the finest players I’ve seen since Martina Hingis… Tonight Serena was lucky to win, and I hope she can maintain the good momentum against Samantha Stosur, who she lost to in French Open.”

“I see her as one of my daughters”, he says, looking intently at the questioner. “When Serena was sick after her blood clot, she came and visited her. I will never, never forget what she did. What care she showed. She is like an adopted daughter to me.” says the older gentleman with something that looks like a tear in the eye hook.[/b]

Hilarious stage directions from the Ekstra Bladet journalist. Granted, Richard hugs and kisses 90% of the players and probably likens most of them to being his adopted daughters, but this is still nice. Venus was always surprisingly quick to take Wozniacki under her wing from a young age, even playing doubles withher back in 2008. It’s clear that there is a lot of respect and admiration between the two families. It’s nice.

Also, at least he got her name right this time.

Caroline Wozniacki Finds Heaven In New Haven

She may still play the same ol’ unattractive, unimpressive and, well, un-winning tennis that she has been widely criticized for in recent times, but Caroline Wozniacki still has a lot to smile about right now.

After her 7-6(2) 6-4 semifinal victory over Francesca Schiavone, the Yale football team, her formal flames, came storming on for a photo op and undoubtedly some cheeky out-of-shot groping. Not bad. Her boyfriend, that golfer dude, clearly saw red and quickly joined them on court for what is undoubtedly PR gold for the New Haven Open and all involved.

Karolina’ll play Petra Cetkovska, who scraped past Li in one of the most ridiculous televised matches of the year, for her fourth New Haven title in a row.

Sneki Jankovic and Piotr Wozniacki Go Head to Head in Cincinnati

If the average picture does say a thousand words, then this one speaks a trillion. Wozniacki and Jankovic practiced together this week in Cincinnati and judging by the picture, Jankovic was none to pleased about something - clearly snapped right in the middle of one of her trademark moany, smokey-voiced rants.

Meanwhile, Sneki looks like she’s ready to step in and lay a smackdown on either (or both?) Wozniacki as Karolina and Piotr stand there looking scared and holding the balls like peasants. Priceless.

Or maybe I just imagined that.

Quotable Quotes: Martina Hingis Gives Wozniacki Comparisons The Finger

Ever since Caroline Wozniacki rose to the top of the WTA, countless comparisons have been made between her and the great five time Grand Slam Champion Martina Hingis. However, Martina Hingis was having none of it when she spoke to Matt Cronin in San diego;

“I think I had more game than her,” Hingis told me at the Mercury Insurance Open in San Diego: “I don’t want to be cocky about this, but I think I had more [weapons]. She’s a great fighter but I out played [opponents] and I took the ball earlier and didn’t give them as much time.”

Bingo. In recent times, we’ve seen a lot more softer side to Martina Hingis compared to the teenage glory days of trash talking every single opponent, but clearly her annoyance at being compared to a player like Wozniacki as brought about a little of the vintage blunt Martina Hingis of old. And If I was Martina Hingis, I would be offended by these comparisons too.

So often when people do attempt to draw comparisons to Martina and Karolina, they paint Martina as this retriever with great anticipation who stood far behind the baseline and was always beaten when she came up against a player of a certain quality - in other words, they paint her as Wozniacki herself. However you only have to look at any random video on youtube to see how differently Hingis played her tennis.

As she herself said, Martina hugged the baseline and took the ball as early as anyone on tour. She simply controlled matches with her guile, variety, tactics and knowledge of exactly how to read and take apart her opponent rather than with power and weight of shot. The rare times when she was overpowered, it was against the likes of Venus, Serena, Davenport, Pierce, Capriati and co who were/are undoubtedly the most explosive big hitters the game has seen - and not crushed by a 2ft3 Dominika Cibulkova on her worst surface in the fourth round of Wimbledon.

I’ll Believe it When I See It, Novak


Tennis Players On Twitter: They’re Just Like Us

They RAGE:

They rant:

And they dig holes so deep that they might as well just jump in and let the ground swallow them up:

Oh, Karolina.

Quotable Quotes: Shady Piotr Wozniacki Attempts To Steal Kvitova’s Fitness Coach

Today, Slovakian sport website Dennik Sport published an interview with Petra Kvitova’s fitness coach Jozef Ivanko. He spoke mostly about his work with Petra, but one of the interesting things was him discussing his relationship with none other than Mr Wozniacki.

After Wimbledon 2011 Piotr sent me a text message, because he knows my contract is ending at the end of the year. He got ready a fantastic project. It would be global Carolina Wozniacki Academy, He wants me to be part of it. Main donor would be Roman Abramovich and an Arab Sheikh. From every continent they would take talents from 14-18 years. The Academy would be situated 3 month in Europe, 3 months in Dubai and 3 months in China. The main goal is to make a champion for Rio de Janiero in 2016.

WAIT, so immediately after Petra wins her first slam (before Wozniacki), Piotr is sending texts to her fitness coach, attempting to bribe him away from Petra before she can renew his contract? Not that it isn’t to be completely expected of Piotr Wozniacki, but it’s so shady, so unethical - so Piotr.

It’s cute that the Ivanko actually seems to think that Piotr contacted him because of his pedigree and ability, but sadly there are most likely ulterior motives behind Piotr targeting, of all the successful fitness coaches in the world, the coach of who is probably now her biggest rival.

And don’t even get me started on the whole Roman Abramovic and “Arab sheikh” part of it. Not only is it probably complete BS, but clearly Karolina’s penchant for namedropping clearly runs in the family.

Karolina and Rory sitting in a tree…

Yesterday a bombshell was dropped as the great Omes (@Omes_Tennis) was minding her own business in a Central London All Bar One, only to look up and see US Open Golf Champ Rory McIlroy and our Caroline Wozniacki dining together before leaving hand in hand and engaging in a spot of PDA as they went their separate ways.


But, I mean, deeaaam. It doesn’t surprise me in the slightest to see/hear that Karolina is getting *ahem* close to a fellow millionaire celebrity, considering all of the namedropping and humblebragging she gifts us with on her twitter, but what’s more is that McIlroy has a girlfriend who apparently stayed at home during last week’s British Open because of superstition after she did the same during his US Open win. If he really is creeping around with the number one tennis player on the side, this shit just got insanely real.

Needless to say, considering they’re two famous, young millionaire sportspeople at the very top of their sports, you would think they’d be a little more careful than going out and kissing in the street for the whole world, right? But then again, we all know how much our Karolina loves the attention… this could have all been intentional.

But I’m not going to jurge - not yet, anyway. For the time being, all I can say is; you get that man Karolina!


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