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Quotable Quotes: Stacey Allaster Discusses The Grunting ‘Issue’

Last month, we saw seemingly more discussion and criticism arise about grunting in tennis than ever before, so much so that WTA CEO Stacey Allaster finally decided to discuss the ‘issue’ during the Rogers Cup in Toronto this week.

“We have a hindrance rule. The reality of it is the athletes themselves are not coming to me say, we have an issue. (But) I’m very fan-centric and if there is a number of fans who are communicating with us that it’s an issue, then it’s something that we need to look at.”

So often when discussing grunting, sceptics use the excuse that the grunting is distracting for the other players. But as Allaster correctly pointed out, that clearly isn’t the case. Firstly, the fistpumping and loud cheering we see from players ranked #1 to #1000 across both tours is undoubtedly so much more effective at distracting and getting inside opponents heads. And secondly, players already know what to expect from certain players as to whether or not they grunt. They should be focusing on themselves regardless of what their opponents are doing, and that’s what they do. Personally, I thinkt the grunting is good and it can often bring just that extra intensity to the surface.

Moreover, it’s no wonder that even in 2011 tennis still has a stigma attached to it of being a snobby country club sport when this is deemed an ‘issue’. People complaining so vigorously about grunting come across as stuck-up and immature themselves. For me, Didier Drogba’s hairstyle is the most offensive thing in sport and he has even outdone himself early in this season by putting it in a ponytail and making himself look even more idiotic, but does that mean I’m going to stop watching football because my eyes are polluted by his hairstyle? In a word, no.

Quotable Quotes: Andy Murray And His New Diet

Andy Murray has recently spoken about his recent change of diet and the hope that it will help make that final leap to win a Grand slam.

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Quotable Quotes: Marat Safin Discusses Political Aims, Joining ‘United Russia’

We all know Marat Safin as the immensely talented champion, who thanks to injuries and a whole lotta laziness, will always go down as a great underachiever in tennis circles. After his retirement last year, most undoubtedly expected him to fall back into a chilled and laid back life, with no more troubles or toils to stress. But we were apparently wrong as he recently announced that he would be running for election into the Nizhny Novgorod region of the State Duma (Russian Parliament). Today he spoke to about his political ambitions’

“I’m not a politician, I do not know how to throw phrases. I originally established primaries in order to talk to people about myself. If the people feel good about you, they will vote. We all have problems and it’s most important that they are solved and do not accumulate. For me, this is a new stage, but in this field, I would like to reach the same level that I have achieved in tennis.”

“Look what condition (sport) is in now in Russia. The results speak for themselves. [It is] due to the fact that sport is very expensive. And we do not have, of course, the infrastructure, the children were doing. Even grown-ups “

“We have a culture, to promote a healthy lifestyle. Parents instill in children a craving for sports. If the parents play, then the children will too. Hence, the more people involved, the more opportunities.”

I don’t know why I find this all so amusing, but good on him. He certainly sounds the part there and he has already done very well for himself early on, campaigning around his district and is already one of the leaders in the early elections, ranking third with 151 votes.

But the big elephant in the room is that he has stated that he will “most likely” join Putin’s United Russia. I don’t mean to get all political and melodramatic up in here, but United Russia is such an infamously corrupted, power-hungry and backwards party. It really cannot be overstated, and Marat joining them in any way, shape or form would be, to me at least, so disappointing.

I’ll Believe it When I See It, Novak


Poppin’ That Main Draw Cherry

Pretty great effort from Laurynas Grigelis, Daniel Kosakowski and Alexandra Mueller to qualify for their first ever tour main draws in LA and Washington respectively. In the main draws, Grigelis got the unseeded Falla, Kosakowski got fellow qualie Smyczek and Mueller got Naughtya. Iiinteresting.

And This Is What Happens When Tennis Players Don’t Play Tennis..

So in light of all the mid-season craziness going on in the tennis world, Fernando Verdasco went to new lows by shaving off his infamous Ferhawk.

I mean not only does it make him look like Andre Agassi which is not usually a good thing, but the guy has an endorsement deal with Head and Shoulders shampoo thanks to that hair, yet he has gone and shaven it all off? Genius.

Elsewhere, Dinara Safina tried to better him with, well, this;

I… have… no… words…

Lucie Safarova! Tomas Berdych! NOOOOO!

According to Sofia Arvidsson, professional tennis Prom King and Queen, Tomas Berdych and Lucie Safarova, are no more;


I made a fool of myself a bit last week. I met with Lucie Safarova (Tomas’ girl for a long time) with a Suitcase (…) on the way home;
(Me:) Well, you should go home. So you should not stay and watch Thomas?
(Lucie:) No, we’re not together anymore …. (Oops, embarrassing)

And here was me thinking that they were destined to grow old together. Let’s hope they’re just on a break, because seriously, if they can’t stay together, what chance does the rest of us have of finding love?


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