Foot Fault!

Calling all the lines of professional tennis

Bernard Tomic proclaims himself the future GOAT

Yesterday, it was announced that Bernard Tomic would be unceremoniously dumped from Australia’s next Davis Cup tie following a year of poor results, widely panned tanking and off-court incidents that will forever live in tennis infamy. Today it was - as per usual - Tomic’s turn to “hit back” at the allegations, this time essentially branding Pat Rafter and Tennis Australia as liars. More interestingly still, he also suggested that he would one day be the greatest player to ever walk the planet, a prediction that will undoubtedly have Roger Federer shaking fearfully in his boots for years to come.

I can safely say without any further doubt that Bernard Tomic possesses the most colourful imagination in the history of planet earth. It was amusing enough when he seemed to think that driving around in the most obnoxiously orange BMW ever seen was not a felony and human rights violation in itself, or else when he decided that naked wrestling in a hotel was an activity that regular human beings partook in. But this? This is a level of delusion unheard of. He needs help, he needs Jesus and he certainly needs to put down the pipe. Immediately.

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