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WTFs: Rafa Through To The Semis, Tries To Beat Up Some Officials En-Route

Drama, drama, drama. Rafael Nadal consolidated his place today at the top of Group A by defeating Tomas Berdych in straight sets and moving into the semifinals unbeaten. The first set saw some exciting tennis from both players as they went toe to toe, and for an hour nothing could separate them. Tomas finally made his move at 6-5* - holding and then stealing the first two points on Rafa’s serve… and then it happened.

It’s so typical that this is the exact time I decided to momentarily close the livestream window. As I put it back on, all I saw was Rafa yelling his head off at umpire Carlos Bernardes, and looking like he was about to drag Bernardes off his chair and start fighting him then and there. OK, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but it was probably the most animated and categorically pissed off Rafa has ever been on a tennis court. He clearly channeled all of that anger into his tennis as he took his game to the next level, recovering to take that game and then fighting his way to the set, smacking down forehands, backhands and serves alike.

By the second set Tomas had clearly lost heart and confidence, and it was just about finishing the job. And that’s what he did, closing out the match 7-6 6-1. This win means that he will definitely be meeting Andy Murray in the semis tomorrow - definitely looking forward to that.

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World Tour Finals: Trudging On

The acronym may be ‘WTF’, but there has been nothing at all strange about the London World Tour Finals thus far. Group B has now officially been wrapped up with Roger Federer romping into the semis without dropping a set and Andy Murray following right behind, winning his remaining two matches also in straight sets.

Not only have the results been pretty dull this week, but the matches themselves haven’t exactly been the most riveting of matches in the history of the game. In fact, out of the 10 singles matches played so far this week, only one has actually managed to go the full distance. Group A will round off today, and as things stand, the most likely scenario is looking like a Rafa-Novak 1-2 just to add to the drama and spectacle of the event. But who knows? Maybe the tennis Gods are saving all of the fireworks for this final day of round robin play? Maybe.

Anyway, if Rafa and Novak do advance to the semis, the final four will feature the four best players of the year, and we can’t ask for much more than that, can we?

ATP World Tour Finals:

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Quotable Quotes:

“I heard Maradona is a big fan of mine. I think he was almost more excited to meet me than I was to meet him.”
Roger Federer

Well, you know… I think Beyonce sums up Roger Federer pretty well.

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WTF: It’s Vignette Time

Oh look! Here are those annual WTF vignette thingies. Gotta love the way the players in the beginning of all of these videos are all attempting to look as serious and badass as possible (with mixed results)… and then there’s little Rafa just standing there, nervously grinning at the camera.

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World Tour Finals: Andy Murray Is Out For Blood, Y’all

The final showdown of 2010 finally kicked off today with Andy Murray defeating Robin Soderling 6-2 6-4. Interestingly, many were favouring Le Sod going into the match. Obviously he won in Paris a couple of weeks ago and was looking good, but Murray came out firing today, putting on a flawless display of varied tennis. With the courts slower than their Paris counterparts Muzz decided to hang around far behind the baseline before flipping the switch to offence or else finishing the point with a cruel dropshot when the time was right. And he did so effortlessly.

I was pretty surprised with Soderling’s play though. He was very patchy and his net play was particularly dire. Not only was he failing to move forward when he had Murray on the ropes, but when he did move forward he clearly had no grasp of where he needed to move to at the net, instead leaving massive gaps in the court for Murray to exploit. The second set was slightly closer but the result was inevitable as Murray broke for *4-3 and then served his way to victory.

Many saw this as the pivotal match of the group since Soderling and Murray are so close in ranking and achievements this year. With Murray taking this match, all signs are pointing to Federer and Murray advancing to the semis. But they go out play these matches for a reason, so it will be interesting to see how things unfold in Group B over the next few days.

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