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E-boks Danish Open report Day Three - The Emergence of Miss Wozniacki.

Hi everyone, Andreas here. This report will be a bit shorter as I got back so late but hopefully you will still enjoy it.

I got to the courts a bit later today and by that time Chakvetadze was already a set up over Wörle. She was better than yesterday but Wörle really had nothing to hurt her with. Her forehand was a mess and it quickly became monotonous and boring watching her hitting forehand error after forehand error. Even though the scoreline indicates a fairly close match, the win for Chakvetadze was inevitable.

The next match on was Elena Bovina vs. Alexa ‘Big Al’ Glatch. Bovina started off really well and was hitting winners from all over the court as well as approaching the net to play some spectacular volleys. However, as the set went on she unravelled. Glatch was more consistent and played the big point extremely well and that was the difference in the first set. As usual, Bovina was screaming after every point (even a double fault from Big Al) and looking scary as ever.

Stefi Voegele vs. Julia Gorgeous was next and though they are two talented, young players it was a bad, bad match. Miss Gorgeous wasn’t playing particularly well and she gave Stefanie so many chances to make the match closer but every single time she had a chance she would just slap a ball into the bottom of the net.

Zakopalova is such a frustrating player to watch. She is so inconsistent and made things so much harder than they should have been today. I was literally just sitting there and shaking my head throughout the whole match as Zakopalova would hit a gorgeous winner from an awkward position, followed by two horrific errors in the most neutral position. De los Rios had nothing to hurt her with and just waited/hoped that the error would come and more often than not it did. After Zakopalova choked away the third set and 5 (FIVE!) match points, I just had to get away from there but thank god she eventually got the win!

The next match was of course the doubles match of Miss Wozniacki and Ejdesgaard against Voegele and The Meusburger. It was pretty hilarious that after sitting in near-empty stands for the first two days and even earlier on today also, so many people just came out of nowhere to watch. By the time the match had begun, it was full to the brim. The Danish pair played very well but Voegele continued from where she left off in her singles match and The Burger was herself – just getting the ball over the net and not really very much else and so it was an easy win for the Danes.

The final match of the day was between Na Li and the Wimbledon Junior Champion Kristyna Pliskova. It wasn’t awfully thrilling as after a great start in the beginning, Li began to commit so many errors. Pliskova served well but it turned out to be a ‘Big Babe Tennis’ at its worst as the points were short and mostly ended in an error. Pliskova seemed to give up towards the end.


- No sighting of the Queen of Denmark, Miss Wozniacki as there is so much security around her. I did see Piotr Wozniacki though. On Center Court there are screens which constantly show a phone commercial starring Caroline and he was discussing it with another guy. No doubt he was discussing her paycheck from that advert.

- Wozniacki broke her own service speed record today as she hit a 199 km/h serve. Ejdesgaard was quick to bring it up after the match and they joked about it for a bit. - A foot fault was called on Ejdesgaard, to which Wozniacki turned around and shook her head at the linesjudge. I have a feeling I won’t see that linesjudge again tomorrow…

- I caught the last game of Domachowska’s win and hilariously this time Kosinska was coaching her. No wonder Marta has been so terrible recently

- Bovina asked for a towel but the ball girl (the ball kids have been terrible this week) just brought her the first and towel she saw – A.K.A. Alexa Glatch’s sweaty towel.

I believe the livestreaming on livescorescorehunter begins today so i’ll try to really keep my eyes peeled for even more drama today. Wish me luck!

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E-boks Danish Open report — Day Two!

Hi again! This is day two of my blog at the Wozniacki Open. I got to the venue at about 10am and I was interested to see how Anna-Lena Grönefeld’s injury has affected her game and she was definitely very rusty. Her opponent Irena Pavlovic has a great serve and plays double-handed on both sides. She was dictating the rallies but lacked a finishing shot and made far too many easy errors. Grönefeld made the second set unnecessarily close after three error-filled games in a row but she regrouped and hit some lovely winners at the end to take the match.

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The second match was the one match I had really been looking forward to - Heather Watson vs. Eleni Daniilidou. I was seated behind Heather’s mother who was extremely nice and chatty throughout. The first set was great; the rallies were long and intense and Watson dominated the rallies and moved the ball around impressively. Daniilidou was slicing and doing her best to neutralize the point and frustrate the youngster. The first game of set two was a marathon game which took around 20 minutes before Watson was broken and it seemed to knock her spirit as she became physically and mentally tired. Daniilidou was tired too, but she refused to miss as Watson yelled and was visibly frustrated. A foot fault was called on Daniilidou’s second serve on match point and she was clearly angry but eventually recovered to take the match on her third match point.  A disappointing result for Heather, but it’s clear that she has a lot of talent. She volleys well, plays with a lot of variety plus her movement and anticipation are both already so good.

I only watched the first set of Domachowska vs. Arefyeva as I had to begin my trek towards Center Court to see Chakvetadze. Domachowska was hitting the ball as hard as she possibly could and Arefyeva couldn’t cope with the power. She played a few good volleys but the match was really only about Domachowska. At *5-2, Domachowska began to spray errors and the score was quckly back to 5-5. Arefyeva was in a generous mood though and so she gifted the last two games to Marta with a bunch of unforced errors. I knew I had seen more than enough after that set of tennis and so I left and began the long journey towards Center Court.

I was looking forward to watching Chakvetadze but it turned out to be quite a disappointment. She was making a lot of sloppy errors and Kosinska was even worse, with a horrible attitude to boot. Chakvetadze was far from her best today, but I’m expecting her to step it up when she plays a more capable opponent.

I got to the match between Bovina and Cravero  at 6-3 3-0. Bovina was even more motivated than yesterday (and yesterday she was scary). She was cheering loudly and screaming ‘lichna’, ‘come on come on’ and even a hilarious ‘davai davai come on lichna’ combination in one breath.

I wasn’t planning on staying around for the match between Eleni Daniilidou and Vitalia Diatchenko but, well, I did. It was pretty grim as Diatchenko was hitting a lot of errors and almost put the whole crowd to sleep; me included. However it all changed as Daniilidou began to lose her temper over some close calls. At one point Diatchenko hit a ball which Daniilidou thought was out and she screamed; “OUUUUUUT! THE BALL WAS OUUUUUUT - THIS IS A KINDERGARTEN! OPEN YOUR EYES!” and suddenly I was wide awake. She even shouted at the linejudge on the other side of the net for not calling foot faults on Diatchenko. The drama continued to flow and then at 6-3 *5-4 30-30 to Daniilidou, Diatchenko hit a winner which was clearly on the line to which Daniilidou once again yelled “OUUUUUUT!” Incredibly, the chair umpire then changed his mind and decided to raise his finger and exclaim “the ball was out!” pathetically. After that incident there was a huge argument but eventually Daniilidou took (stole?) the point and then next one to close out her second win of the day. Got to love the WTA!

Other remarks:

- Katarina Srebotnik seems to be very lonely. Most players are surrounded by coaches, family or other players or their coaches, but I have only seen her on her own. Yesterday she walked past Poutchek and tried to say ‘hey’, but Poutchek completely ignored her and walked on. Poor girl!

- Pavlovic was wearing one of Sharapova’s dresses.

- Keothavong almost bumped into me as she was walking and texting at the same time. I smiled as she looked up but all I got in return was a dirty look.

- The ball kids were disappointed with Watson’s loss. Apparently because she “looked like that Disney girl”. Hmmm..

- On Centre Court, the players have a designer sofa, trash can and fridge with a variety of different drinks. On Court One they have a green plastic chair, a laundry basket for trash and an old, dirty fridge which can’t even shut properly.

- Kvitova and Vögele were jogging and practicing together.

- Cravero was openly mocking Bovina’s cheering as Wörle, cheering on Cravero from the sidelines, was laughing at Bovina.

- Bovina’s skirt kept falling down and so she ended up changing it on court – Jankovic style.

- I heard a boy asking a member of staff when Wozniacki would be practising. They told him that it was a secret and nobody knew because she has to be guarded from the public…

- Sofia Arvidsson and others were joking about the fact that Caroline has her own parking spot at the venue:

The main draw starts tomorrow so not only may I get my first glimpse of Miss Wozniacki, but I will be writing about people that you actually know! Stay tuned.

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E-boks Danish Open report — Day One!

I’m Andreas and since I’ll be at the Wozniacki Invitational e-boks Danish Open all week I will write a short daily report from the tournament.

I originally went to Court 1 at 10am, only to find out that Court 1 and Court 2 were at COMPLETELY different venues about three kilometres apart. The match on Court 1 was Pavlovic vs Lykina but I chose to go to Center Court and watch this match instead. I was sitting right behind Glatch’s coach and another woman in her camp. The rallies were dominated by Tsurenko’s forehand and Glatch was mostly slicing the ball back. It went Glatch’s way in the first set but Tsurenko began to cruise through the second set and Glatch had no choice to be aggressive. She did and by the third set, the rallies were really intense and Glatch’s added aggression and superior serve was the difference between the two.

The second match was Karen Barbat vs Andreja Klepac and the match was just as up-and-down as the score indicates. Barbat has a stunning backhand and she produced some great winners in the first set while Klepac hit error after error. The Slovenian cleaned her game up in the second set but another dip at the beginning of the third set gave Barbat a chance and she took it impressively. She was the only Danish girl to win today.

The next match was  Marta Domachowska vs Tatiana Poutchek. The match was definitely closer than the  suggests but Domachowska was too solid and produced some great winners on the important moments. As you can imagine, Poutchek would throwing her racquet after every single point and screaming novels of Russian swear words. She was also yelling at all the ball girls and boys and laughing at the umpire’s calls.

Stephanie Foretz vs Celestie Melsted was next and at 15 it was clear that Melsted had never played anyone at this level before. She lacked power and weapons but she fought well and deserved the two games she got. Foretz didn’t have to play too well and this was probably like a practice session for her.

Ellen Allgurin vs Karolina Kosinska was next on. Allgurin started well and was moving Kosinska around the court expertly. However it was obvious that at Allgurin, 16, was extremely inexperienced and as her game became too predictable and she struggled for a plan B, Kosinka was able to come away with a quite straightforward win.

I (somehow) managed to get onto the players transport and went all the way to Court 1 to see Heather Watson’s match but the organisers had moved it and forgot to tell anyone. Elena Bovina vs Mona Barthel was on court and so I watched. Bovina looked so motivated, even angry. She had a lot of problems with her ball toss but she served great overall. Barthel on the other hand was so inconsistent and alternated between an hitting amazing winner and dumping the ball in the bottom of the net. The umpire made a horrible call against Bovina in set two which made things much more complicated than it should have been but t he was never really in doubt.

Other remarks:

-  Alexa Glatch’s coach asked me if he could borrow my draw sheet. Of course I let him!

-  Tsurenko was quiet all match but when Glatch hit a smash that was at least 1 meter out and it got called in, she spent a lot of time explaining the line judge that “it was really big”.

-  When Barbat was reaching for an overhead, the theme from Rocky started playing over the speakers and she responded saying: “What the fuck is happening?”

-   Barbat’s coach has to be younger than her. She is 18…

-  At the Poutchek vs Domachowska match, the lady in front of me said about Poutchek: “What a bitch, I hope she gets bageled.” And she did.

-  Karolina Kosinska asked for her coach after she won the 1st set and on court came Marta Domachowska.

-  When Bovina was about to serve, the seated ball kids started walking out and as she looked at them they stopped, but she said: “No, no, just go. Now is the time to leave the court.”

-  I was sitting next to Heather and her mother. Johanna Konta was hanging out with Heather and she came over to hug and give Heather’s mother a kiss. Heather’s mum seems really nice and was smiling at me.

-  Most of the main draw players checked by Center Court to watch some bits of the matches.

- I saw Polona Hercog and she hasn’t cut her hair yet!

- Mai Grage, a young Danish wildcard, was talking with her friends about sluts. Laura Robson has some competition…

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