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Thomaz Bellucci vs. Brazilian Tennis Federation… Ready, set… fight!

So apparently Thomaz Bellucci has been involved in some drama with his tennis federation in recent weeks and months. Seems like it has all come to a hea dover the last few weeks;

“Actually there’s a lot going on with him (Bellucci) here in Brazilian tennis scenario. He gave a polemic interview last week saying that the country has no good coaches except for Larri Passos and João Zwetsch, also that former players don’t do anything for the national tennis to grow. Then he fires his coach Zwetsch in the following days and receives some harsh answers from important people of Brazilian tennis.

It was made a really big deal of it, now he has to handle it. Carlos Alberto Kirmayr, former player, coach of Gabriela Sabatini when she was numer 1 in the world and now working with women’s tennis said he was an “irresponsible child” and that he should start practicing volleys instead of giving press conferences.”

And that, my friends, is what you call the shit hitting the fan. I guess if he isn’t getting any support in his home country then it would be best to look abroad for coaching. He recently joined the Adidas team so maybe he could look into joining the Adidas Development Program or something. He’s such a talented player, so lets hope that these problems don’t spill over into 2011.

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Caroline Wozniacki: Our New World Number One

Congratulations to Caroline Wozniacki. She did it, she’s number one. She will be the 20th World Number One in the history of the WTA rankings.

Of course with her 0 wins (or matches) against top 6 players, 0 Slam finals, and her game in general, she has been the subject of much criticism. But really, she doesn’t deserve it. Blame Justine Henin, broken glass in a Munich restaruant, Kim Clijsters, Jelena Jankovic, Ana Ivanovic, Dinara Safina, Elena Dementeva, Injuries and all the rest for her reaching number one. Not her. Right now the WTA is in a poor state tennis-wise and a player as opportunistic as Wozniacki is always going to thrive in these periods. That’s the way it is.

My one tennis wish for 2011 (outside of Tatiana launching a thunderous comeback, of course) is that the aforementioned and co. will all begin to play the quality of tennis that we’ve seen them play time and time again, and to play it consistently. Then we can actually have a tour with top players and quality matches for a change. Of course if that was to happen, Wozniacki would naturally be overtaken by the stronger players and we wouldn’t have to resort to chasing her off the top ranking with pitchforks. Here’s hoping.

In other (related) news, Serena clearly wants her #1 ranking back and has apparently entered into Linz next week. We will have to wait til Friday for confirmation but I, of course, will be covering Linz next week so I’m just trying my best to not pass out right now.

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Daniel Koellerer Watch: He’s Baaaack

Remember the infamous Cordenons incident? Well it has been a couple of quiet months since then, but it’s now safe to say that Crazy Dani is back, and back with a vengeance. I’m not even going to spoil it for you so watch the video yourself and just laugh at his foolishness once more.

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