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And One Final Picture..

I don’t even know if I was allowed to/supposed to, but I sneaked onto court at the end and pretended to be a camera man through the ceremony. It was pretty funny to be standing around as they ordered Ana about. If I was her I would’ve flipped the finger at them or something. Surely they wouldn’t do that to Serena?

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And The Runner Up..

Have to give props to Patty too. She may have faltered big time in the final, but she has delivered some great performances throughout the week, and after a tough year it was good to see her remind us that she’s still the fucking Patty Schnyder. Before this week I was pretty adamant about her retiring, but now I hope she stays on and at least gives it another few months. A result like this after such a big tournament can actually be demoralizing, so hopefully it won’t get her too down.

Patty’s Speech

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If You Don’t Like Ana Ivanovic, I Would Advise You Not To Click Here

In the end, Ana cruised to victory. Though Patty was pretty useless, Ana played some awsome tennis throughout the match. She dominated with her forehand, served well and (*gasp*) hit some stunning backhands. Can’t really say much more than that. Total Domination.

And now for the videos:
The Presser:

Ana’s Speech

Ana’s Match Point

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Ana Ivanovic vs Patty Schnyder: Linz Final Preview

Sunday’s final in Linz will pit Ana Ivanovic against Patty Schnyder. On paper, all signs are pointing to a easy victory for the Serb. The pair have faced each other a grand total of 8 times, and while Patty dominated a young Ivanovic in their first four encounters, Ana replied by sweeping through the most recent four.

That said, the match is most certainly not a foregone conclusion. In fact, Patty’s game actually matches up well to Ana’s. If she can use her swinging lefty serve and left-hook forehand well, she will be able to jam Ana on the backhand side. The considerably fast surface here will also aid her cause, as it will rob Ana of the time to skip around the backhand side to produce those trademark forehands. I watched Patty’s match against Petkovic in the semis yesterday, and that was exactly what she was doing. Though she favours her backhand, Petkovic was still visibly struggling with having to hit every backhand from arounf shoulder height. Ana will struggle even more.

Regardless of the score and winner, here’s hoping that the final is a high quality and gripping affair to cap off what has been a great week of tennis here in Linz.

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ZOMG You Guys, Ana Ivanovic Just Hit A Tweener!!!

Totally doesn’t deserve a post of its own, but since everyone seems to be obsessed with them right now, I just by chance video’d her hitting one while praciticing ahead of the final. Enjoy, I guess.

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Another Day, Another Ana Ivanovic Press Conference

I said I would ask more questions in the next Ivanovic press conference, and I did. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t nervy. It’s odd, I’m never nervous when speaking to players. But it just feels really strange to go from being a lowly fan to actually speaking to players as a real journalist would. I found myself more nervous about fucking up my words and not being assertive enough, which of course meant I did both of them. But it was weird in a good way.

But yeah, the presser, it was pretty fun. I can’t even lie when I say that at the beginning of the tournament I disliked Ana. But sitting in these pressers have really changed my view on her. One thing I really liked is the fact that always gives you direct eye contact. Didn’t ask about twitter though, it just seemed so weird to do so. Everyone was talking about the match, her form and the actual tennis so for me to then randomly chime in with “ANARRRRRR WE WANT YOU ON TWITTER!!!!” would be pretty foolish of me. With that said, if she does win the final tomorrow then I’ll try to ask it. Enjoy!

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Patty Schnyder Press Conference/Interview/Thingy

Following her 6-2 4-6 7-5 victory over Andrea Petkovic, we had a chance to sit down and talk to Patty. Well, no, rather we stood up and crashed a private interview. That’s what it felt like, anyway. But I recorded it all the same.

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Full Crowd At A WTA Tour Event

Seven words that have probably never been spoken, no? But it’s true. The crowds have been great all week and today, on saturday, the stadium really is packed to the brim. All week I’ve been sitting in different places around the stadium, trying to get a feel for the different viewpoints, but now it’s almost impossible.

That’s why I’m still so annoyed at the WTA ‘s move to cut the European Indoor Season. It’s the one period of the tour that was consistently well-attended, and though it may not bring in as much money as the lucrative Asian events, it more than makes up for the lost bucks in exposure. If anything, they should move the events to the beginning of the season. But no, that’s just far too straightforward for the WTA Tour.

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It’s Getting a Bit Serious Now.

In the other quarterfinal matches at, Petkovic did indeed win in straight sets, Patty snapped a 5 match losing streak against Hantuchova, and Ana continued her good form by scraping through a tough first set and then cruising to victory over Julia Goerges.

All in all, it’s a pretty good lineup. It’s especially exciting and encouraging to see Patty playing well. The whole of this year she has looked all but on her way out, but she has dug herself out of a hole and has played great tennis this week. Watching her live yesterday just reinforced to me how much talent she has. Not only does she have such a beautiful game with so much variety, but she posseses the rare quality of knowing exactly how to use it. Of course, she can sometimes be too smart and cunning for her own good, but yesterday it was just right. Petkovic is going to be tough as hell, but if Patty can serve well and expose her movement in the cruel manner she did to Hantuchova yesterday, she can certainly do it.

Ana fans should also be encouraged by her performances this week. There are still a few kinks in her game; her running forehand was a nightmare for most of the match, and she kept pulling away from it far too early. However, her serve and ball toss has been spot-on all week, and when the serve is working, everything else usually follows.

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Vinci vs. Errani: Italy vs. Italy

It’s always interesting to watch two contrasting types of players face off against each other, and today was no different. In one corner stood the fiesty Italian Sara Errani. Measuring a mere 5ft 4, she relies on her court coverage and unique topspin-heavy forehand to grind down opponents, before injecting random spurts of pace into her groundstokes and winning the point. In complete contrast, her fellow Italian and friend, Roberta Vinci compensates for her lesser agility by playing a more old skool gamestyle, built on variety and a natural feel for the game. She slices, volleys, dropshots - everything, putting opponents into compromising positions and then moving into the forecourt to pounce on a volley.

Throughout their match today the pair gave polished exhibitions of their talents. Both were pretty impressive as Errani moved the ball left-to-right and back again, wearing out Vinci with every shot, while Roberta attempted to counter Errani by slicing, dicing and doing everything in her power to keep the ball low. Sometimes it worked, and sometimes it didn’t. But it always made for interesting viewing

Eventually the pair found themselves at 1 set all. By this point Vinci was looking increasingly tired as Errani was on top of her (not literally, get your minds out of the gutter). It looked all but over, but then BOOM, Vinci began to tee off on her forehand, and eventually reeled off four straight games to snatch the third set 6-4.

The bad news for Vinci? She awaits the winner of Goerges vs Ivanovic. Regardless of who wins that match, I can’t see Roberta Vinci progressing any further this week.

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