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And The Runner Up..

Have to give props to Patty too. She may have faltered big time in the final, but she has delivered some great performances throughout the week, and after a tough year it was good to see her remind us that she’s still the fucking Patty Schnyder. Before this week I was pretty adamant about her retiring, but now I hope she stays on and at least gives it another few months. A result like this after such a big tournament can actually be demoralizing, so hopefully it won’t get her too down.

Patty’s Speech

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Patty Schnyder Press Conference/Interview/Thingy

Following her 6-2 4-6 7-5 victory over Andrea Petkovic, we had a chance to sit down and talk to Patty. Well, no, rather we stood up and crashed a private interview. That’s what it felt like, anyway. But I recorded it all the same.

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It’s Getting a Bit Serious Now.

In the other quarterfinal matches at, Petkovic did indeed win in straight sets, Patty snapped a 5 match losing streak against Hantuchova, and Ana continued her good form by scraping through a tough first set and then cruising to victory over Julia Goerges.

All in all, it’s a pretty good lineup. It’s especially exciting and encouraging to see Patty playing well. The whole of this year she has looked all but on her way out, but she has dug herself out of a hole and has played great tennis this week. Watching her live yesterday just reinforced to me how much talent she has. Not only does she have such a beautiful game with so much variety, but she posseses the rare quality of knowing exactly how to use it. Of course, she can sometimes be too smart and cunning for her own good, but yesterday it was just right. Petkovic is going to be tough as hell, but if Patty can serve well and expose her movement in the cruel manner she did to Hantuchova yesterday, she can certainly do it.

Ana fans should also be encouraged by her performances this week. There are still a few kinks in her game; her running forehand was a nightmare for most of the match, and she kept pulling away from it far too early. However, her serve and ball toss has been spot-on all week, and when the serve is working, everything else usually follows.

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Don’t Ever Listen To Me

So in the first tournament that Romina Oprandi teams up with Rainer Hoffman, she wins the biggest title of her career at the Saint Malo $100k+H. I know that most of us dislike the guy and everything, but that’s pretty good going, no? Romina has had some great results this year after a load of injury problems. And that can only be a good thing because with all the dropshots, her game can be one of the most hilariously entertaining games to watch when on. A true Dropshot dame.

Interestingly, Hoffman was interviewed at the tournament and he said that Patty will be playing throughout 2011. Not sure what to think of that. On one hand it’s always great to have her around because she plays such attractive and entertaining tennis. But it really hasn’t been very fun watching her going through the motions for most of this year. In fact, it’s almost sad while reflecting on her career and thinking about what she could have become, had she not met the man in the picture (or any other Rainer, for that matter). I always had Patty as the type of player who would find it easy to retire, even enjoying the relief of not having to travel and play anymore. Apparently not.

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Rainer Hoffman Looks For New Victim, Finds Romina Oprandi.

While Patty Schnyder is soaking up some sun and taking a break from tennis, her crazed fraudster-turned tennis coach hubby, Rainer Hoffman, is at it again. This time with Romina Oprandi.

He practically ruined Patty Schnyder’s career, he has had a run-in with Anna Chakvetadze, and he kicks bottles. Yet there are still people on this planet who would still gladly work with him? Wow.

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Practice Makes Perfect

Whenever I go to tournaments, I always make a point to check out players practicing. Even if it’s just for as little as 20 minutes or so, watching players practicing is always a great experience as not only is it a chance to watch all the top players dialed in and fully focused, but you get to see the way players interact with their coaches their team and also the fans.

So you can imagine how pissed off I was when I arrived at the practice courts to see them all fenced off.

Thankfully, I did get to see one or two players practicing on the unoccupied courts though, and first up was Mrs Schnyder. She was hitting with a random young dude as Rainer barked orders from the sidelines. Patty was relaxed (when is she not?) and she was hitting the ball pretty well. By the end of the session I was drowning in a pool of drool because her strokes are just so goddamn beautiful to watch, really. Most people who have seen her around have always mentioned how good she is with fans, and they were correct. After the practice she signed autographs with fans and took pictures for around 5-10 minutes even as it rained. I don’t quite remember what I said to her, but it was to the effect of “Beat that [insert insult] Wickmayer.” She laughed.

Other players I saw practicing were Querrey (who cares?), Dmitry (who reminded me exactly why i’m a fan), as well as Sharapova and the Wicked One herself (not together, thank God) from afar.

I really like this picture. Don’t have a clue why.

As the light began to fade I made my way towards court 13 for Gilles’ match. I hadn’t even been to that part of the grounds and as I walked there, I caught sight of a couple of players practising on the unlit outer courts. I decided to check them out and as I edged closer and closer realisation flooded over me. “Of course, OF COURSE!”  In every single tournament report I’ve read, someone always mentions the fact that Kiri practices far more than any other player. And lo and behold, there she was. There was Kiri being fed balls by father Yuri in the fading light, on the most secluded and detached court on the grounds. Most players were back at home and chilling out, but she was still working hard. There were a three other guys sitting down and perving on her, but for me it was probably one of the best tennis moments I’ve experienced. I didn’t even sit down. I just stood there, hands in pockets, and watched in complete silence and awe. She looked over at me a couple of times and we exchanged smiles. It’s completely cliché, but you have to see her in person to really understand just how beautiful she is as well as those volleys of hers.

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