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Quotable Quotes: Roger Federer’s Got Jokes

After wrapping up his victory over Bernard Tomic in 4 and watching teammate Stan Wawrinka go up 5-3 on Hewitt in the fifth set before the match was posponed due to bad light, Roger Federer was in rare form as he addressed the press afterwards.

Q: “You’re quite a big deal.” Federer: “Yeah.”

On what he thought of Bernard Tomic:

“I mean, he plays tennis.”

And on supporting Wawrinka between then and the resumption of their match tomorrow morning.

‘Oh, I mean isn’t it nice that I don’t have to come back tomorrow. I got some time off. So, if Stan wants me to do push ups to pump him up, I’ll do that. If he wants me to sleep on the floor of his bed, I’ll do that, to keep him warm… As we’re both missing our children. Whatever he wants me to do, I’m relaxed at this point.’

Interviewer: Are you going to come back and watch tomorrow?

Roger: I’ll be here, I’ll be here tomorrow, of course, yeah. Except if he doesn’t want me. Except if he tells me ‘go to Bondi Beach and relax, I’ll take care of the rest’.

What. A. Man.

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