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Hot Shots: Venus Works Up A Sweat Ahead Of Comeback

Despite withdrawing from this year’s Australian Open, Venus Williams has kept to her word and has been practicing heavily ahead of her long-awaited return to tennis in next week’s Fed Cup tie against Belarus.

Her form upon her return is truly a mystery, with the few tiny glimpses we caught of her during the handful of off-season exhibitions she participated in not being particularly encouraging. However, the American has once again been training with Monacan player Benjamin Balleret, in addition to sporadic hits with French player Charles Edouard Maria and their coach Didier Lanne. Lanne’s comments and pictures from his personal blog continue to paint an encouraging picture as the legend attempts to fight her biggest opponent yet.

Another beautiful morning spent with “Coco” Edouard Maria! (Benjamin Balleret) has again been training with Venus Williams (who is preparing for her return in February helped by his father Richard and our very own Charly!) and this under the eye of Mr. Dexter Manley !

Lanne also made reference to the personal time he has spent with the Williams family, including having the privilege to listen to one of Richard Williams’ famous stories, in addition to his coaching recipe for success.

“1. The player’s confidence
2. The coach’s patience
3. Looking for the short ball and going for it.

More (important) than everything BUT believing in god! “

So there you go; now you all can go and make some legendary WTA tennis players of your own. Sounds easy enough.

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