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Quotable Quotes: Novak Djokovic Shares The Secret To His Unwavering Energy

Yesterday, Novak Djokovic captured his fifth masters title of the year and ninth title of his career with a 6-2 3-6 6-4 victory over Mardy Fish. Most expected him to drop down after he lost his first match of the year in Paris, and then once again after he achieved ‘his dream’ at Wimbledon last month, but he just kept on going.

“There is always energy if there is motivation. There is plenty of motivation and desire to continue on and play well and win matches and win tournaments. Look, you know, even though I have achieved my two biggest dreams in my tennis career, I’m still 24, and I still want to play tennis as long as I do have this inspiration and motivation in myself.

“I’m aware of the fantastic year that I had and a great streak, but I’m not thinking how many matches will I lose, I’m thinking how many matches will I win. As long as it’s like that, I think I’m in the right direction.”

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