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Donkey Kong Ain’t Got Nothing on These Two

A week ago Novak Djokovic willingly put his life in grave danger by imitating Maria Sharapova. Luckily for him, Maria saw the light side of it and in the week that has passed, the pair have been shooting back badly tagged banter on facebook, while simultaneously trash talking each other in the press - Maria, when asked, dorkily proclaiming ‘it’s on like donkey kong.’ She meant it, and in the build events to the US Open, the pair met for in front of reporters for a final showdown to premiere their newest video.

I love these two together. They just have so much chemistry, and clearly considering they have known each other for so long, they’re completely comfortable around each other. Novak is forever flattering her both through imitation and more obvious means, while Maria continues to rebuff and sarcastically berate him at every given opportunity. It’s a comedic match made in heaven.

Needless to say, Head’s promotion and viral videos involving these two has been a massive success. I’m now just waiting for the time when Head go full-out and orchestrate a ‘hit-n-giggle’ exhibition between the two superstars. I know I wouldn’t dare to miss it.

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