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Quotable Quotes: Jelena Jankovic Gets A Bit Serious

There may have been many laughs had at the expense of Jelena Jankovic this year, but behind all the usual diva showings, the abysmal losses and the complete lack of any effort at points in this season, it seems like the diva is finally growing up. And a couple of days she sat down with to get a bit deep and meaningful for a change.

Jelena on her relationship with water polo player Milan Janovic
“Honesty and respect are the basis of our relationship, and that we understand each other. We know what obstacles we pass in our professions and mutual support is important to us. For three years we have enjoyed in our relationship, and during the Olympic Games in London will mark four years of dating. We’re still the same, but we are open to one another. Personally, it took a little longer until I started to openly express my emotions.”

On the possibility of marriage and children
“I still play a professional sport and if I remain healthy it will play for several more years. There are many things that I want to achieve, but I think players’ careers are short and I have to take their chance. If I work another job, It would not be a problem to get married and have children. My life requires frequent travel, and possibly marriage would have served no purpose because of the many commitments we lived together.”

On her retirement rumours this year.
“It is normal in whatever you do, at some point to reach (breaking point). Not even then did I really consider retirement, but sometimes I need to rest and analyze some of their decisions, find motivation and inspiration in something so I continued on. It is not easy to travel every week and live a fast pace as it is mine. I was separated from my family, boyfriend and friends and sometimes I want to come to his house, lying in your bed and eat local food, not to spend my life with a schedule in hand.”

On whether she still argues with her mother.
“Every five minutes, and usually when it comes to makeup and clothes. (Laughter) It is normal that there are conflicts, it would be interesting if we are constantly disagreed. Diversity is beautiful, and we always find the perfect mediun.”

On her mother’s most memorable advice.
“My daughter, beware of urchins.”(Laughter)

As entertaining as is the melodramatic, ‘im better than you, and I know it’ diva Jankovic - who spends most of her interviews and press conferences moaning, challenging reporters and rambling on for years about absolutely nothing in particular - it’s also refreshing to see a more honest and open side to the Serb in this interview.

Regardless of how catastrophic 2011 has been for her, she seems to be in a much better place off-court than almost ever before. There have been countless moments (you know, like, you know, when she, you know, managed to, you know, participate in only one match in the ten weeks between Roland Garros and Toronto.) and quotes from the former world number one that suggested a loooming retirement, but evidently she now seems ready to work hard. We’ll see what 2012 brings for her.

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