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Spanish Sportspeople React To Yannick Noah’s Doping Accusations

Yesterday saw former French Open Champion Yannick Noah launch a shocking attack on Spanish sport as he accused all of its leading ambassadors of doping, as well as suggesting that the various prominent Spanish doctors and officials have worked together to keep this doping conspiracy a secret.

Today was the turn of the accused to reply to Noah’s statements, and needless to say, they were not impressed.

David Ferrer:
“(When) your son plays in the NBA, where there is no doping controls. You are not the best person to talk,” said the tennis world number five, which will debut on Monday at the Masters in London, referring to Joakim Noah, who plays the Chicago Bulls.

“I think it’s total ignorance. That a person who has played tennis and knows the sport says that (with) genuine outrage… Like I said without reason or thought,”

Four-time Grand Slam Champion Manolo Santana:
“I find it incredible that an athlete like Noah, who won Roland Garros almost thirty years ago, playing good tennis players but not our current goal is not only tennis but all sports. It seems out of place. Spain is now the leading power of sport and statements (like that) are not good for him and not for sport in general.

“The Sports Council has done significant work towards the subject of doping and, personally, I have a certain respect and admiration for Contador. It has been shown that there is nothing. I find it outrageous, but when people want fame, the only way to have is by messing with a person or an entity as large as Spain in the sport. In basketball, soccer, tennis, Formula One, athletics … In all sports Spain is at the forefront and these haphazard statements. makes a dent in some athletes do.

Spanish Olympic Committee president Alejandro Blanco:
“It’s very difficult for the ignorant to understand the explosion of Spanish sport. The work has been the key to success,”

“Spain makes 11,200 doping tests per year. That’s the best answer we can give,” he added.

President of Spanish Basketball Federation, José Luis Sáez:
“In matters as sensitive as the doping is, it’s not about accusations without proof, but to expose without casting unnecessary doubt.”

5 Responses to Spanish Sportspeople React To Yannick Noah’s Doping Accusations

  1. Win or Lose, I lose. (@WinOrLoseILose) November 19, 2011 at 7:35 pm

    “In basketball, soccer, tennis, Formula One, athletics … In all sports Spain is at the forefront and these haphazard statements. makes a dent in some athletes do.”
    What Manolo Santana says, is actually a very good reason to be very weary of Spanish sports.

  2. David November 20, 2011 at 2:17 am

    Spain at the “forefront” of basketball. Their best player is Pau Gasol, who’s not even the best player on his own team. In tennis, after Rafa they have some good players but no one great. And the next generation is not very promising. They’re good in soccer but their odds of winning another Euro or World Cup are probably 50 to 1. What are they doing that’s so special in the endurance sports in athletics? Are the dominating the marathon? Funny, I thought the Kenyans were pretty good at that.

  3. Win or Lose, I lose. (@WinOrLoseILose) November 20, 2011 at 9:13 am

    So Spain wasn’t the world champion in basketball in 2006 ? Not current European champions in basketball ? It doesn’t have 13 players in the top 100 in tennis ? And Spain is about 4/1 to win the next Euro2012 in football. So nothing you say means anything.

  4. mikel November 20, 2011 at 10:59 am

    France have always won more medals than Spain in the Olimpic Games. Actually, Spain never win a medal in Athletics an Swimming wich are two sports where 99% is strength, and less than 1% is talent. I would like Noah to explain why, is also french doping? what is the difference between the french superiority in swimming or athletics, and the spanish superiority in tennis and basket?

  5. vijay November 22, 2011 at 4:48 am

    Noah’s comment is stupid, childish and whimsical. A bit like him actually……….
    Spain is doing well in sports and Noah is plain “J”… End of discussion….

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