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Quotable Quotes: Li Na’s interesting take on grunting

We all know that Li Na’s brain works in strange and mysterious ways. It shows on court when she is capable of both sheer brilliance and mind-numbing stupidity simultaneously, and it’s also a similar story off-court.

Example? The question of the week in the Istanbul press room has been on grunting and whether it should be stopped. Wozniacki was controversial in her response;

“I think there are some players who do it [grunting] on purpose. They don’t do it in practice and then they come into the match and they grunt. I understand if they do it in practice and in matches, that’s different. I think they [the officials] could definitely cut it. “If you grunt really loudly, your opponent cannot hear how you hit the ball. Because you think the grunt is so loud, you think the ball is coming fast and suddenly it just goes slowly.”

On the other hand, Sam Stosur was much less controversial, noting that she’s rarely even aware of it.

“I don’t notice ‑‑ I think when you hear it every single time, it kinda ‑‑ you become unaware of it almost. But I don’t know. I guess it’s one of those things. Some players feel the need to do it and some don’t.”

And Li? Well, you be the judge.

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