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Quotable Quotes: Wozniak Tells The Truth About Wozniacki

Yesterday, in her match against Aleks Wozniak, we watched as Caroline Wozniacki pulled the mother of all tantrums while down 3-6 in the second set tiebreak. She argued (or rather shouted) that Wozniak had purposely circled the wrong mark, gesturing over to her opponent and yelling towards her from the net. It got to the point where the camera panned on papa Piotr who, for lack of a better word, was repeatedly telling her to shut the hell up and get on with the match. It was clear that, from far behind the baseline, her own view was obstructed by Wozniak, who was standing right between her and the mark. This prompted many watching to believe that her antics were nothing more than petty gamesmanship. Wozniak agreed;

“The No. 1 players in the world play games some times,

“It’s obvious that for her it was to try to distract me or whatever. There are all kinds of tricks that the players use to take more time, maybe to get their concentration back again.”

Needless to say, Wozniak should not have let the situation bother her. But she did, squandering all three set points with poor errors, before playing one of the most hilariously awful points in history on Wozniacki’s match point. However, the fact that Wozniacki felt the need to resort to such dirty tactics in the first round of a slam, against the world number 160-something, also widely known to be her friend, speaks volumes.

(via Love Means Nothing)

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