Foot Fault!

Calling all the lines of professional tennis

Quotable Quotes: Courage.

We all heard the sad news that Virginie Razzano’s fiancée and coach, Stephane Vidal, passed away a week ago, telling her in his last days to go ahead and participate in the French Open. With a heavy heart, she did play, losing in her first round on Chatrier 6-3 6-1 to Jarmila Gajdosova. She said afterwards;

“I felt a lot of emotion, a lot of pain on court today,” Razzano said. “The pain is permanent within me. It’s very hard. But it felt good to be surrounded by so many people and to be here.

“I tried to pay tribute to Stephane today. It was almost a ‘mission impossible,’ but I did my best.”

It took an incredible of courage for her to honour Vidal’s wishes and play in Roland Garros. Hopefully now she can go back home and grieve in peace.

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