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Wingis Keeps on Winning

Yesterday, Martina Hingis continued her unbeaten singles run in Billie Jean King’s World Team Tennis league, picking up her biggest win of the series as she defeated 28th-ranked Gajdosova 5-4.

With The Daily Forehand’s chat with Martina Hingis on the possibility of collaborating with Roger Federer at next year’s London Olympics and Hingis’ massive increase in exhibition events over the last couple of months, there has been talk of Hingis possibly making a second comeback to professional tennis.

And there may just be some truth to it. One of the most obvious differences to last year’s World Team Tennis is how seriously she appears to be taking the exhibitions. While this year she was largely just enjoying herself and playing quite poorly, this year she has been all business and, all things considered, has produced some impressive tennis. I feel like she’s trying to test her current level against professional competition - if she feels that she can’t keep up with them then there’s no doubt that she won’t consider coming back, but if she begins to feel really good about her game then who knows?

Tomorrow will undoubtedly be the big test when she faces off against her old rival Serena Williams for the first time in nine years. It may only be an exhibition, but it doesn’t take a genius to know that Serena would hate NOTHING more than to get beaten by a retired Martina Hingis who was such a bitter rival to her in their glory days. Bring it.

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