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Quotable Quotes: Gael Monfils’ New Coach Is Just As Crazy As Him

Last week we heard that Gael Monfils decided split with his long-term coach Roger Rasheed, instead choosing to strengthen relations with his fitness coach Patrick Chamangne. Speaking to the French press after Monfils’ announcement Chamagne was very candid about his belief in Gael as a player. He said;

“Our aim is that he qualifies for the Masters Cup. [...] There is only one Nadal, but I think Gael has greater potential than Nadal.”

Now there is having confidence in a player, and then there’s just complete and utter delusion. I’m pretty sure this comes under the latter. Of course potential is subjective and everyone seems to have their own definition and interpretation - blah blah blah - but at the end of the day both players are the same age yet Nadal’s potential has taken him to 10 slams and counting, while Monfils has one solitary semi-final on his record.

Considering Gael is now 25, it is completely useless for people (and I’m not just talking about this Chamagne guy) to sit there talking about what he can achieve while he’s making a fool out of himself, losing to Victor Hanescu in the first round of a 250 event - it’s about going out and achieving it.

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