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Breaking Through

It’s been a pretty dull week, but one of the most notable results of the last 7 days came about in the little Aptos 100k Challenger, where Lithuania’s Laurynas Grigelis fought his way to his first ever challenger title, upsetting first and third seeds [#62] Igor Kunitsyn and [#151] Matthew Ebden before defeating Serbia’s resident emo, Ilija Bozoljac in the final.

On one hand it’s a surprise as Laurynas has struggled to find any form since badly injuring his knee earlier on this year in Davis Cup, but with his big serve, stunning backhand and improved forehand, it was more a question of when he would break through as opposed to if. He will rise from #373 in the rankings all the way up to #240 on Monday and hopefully this will only be the beginning of the 19 year-old’s rise up the rankings. Watch out.

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