Serena Williams Withdraws From Doha. What A Liar!

Remember a couple of months ago when that lying, fat slag of a world number one pulled out of the US Open (and all tournaments leading up to it) because she wanted to eat McDonalds and attend movie premieres? Well, we thought she had finally put down the act, but it turns out she hasn’t. After withdrawing from Linz last week, she has now decided to play skip the Year End Championships after “re-injuring” her tendon and having “surgery” on it (yeah, like we believe her). She now gets to sit out for the rest of the year while attending as many events as possible, and eating all the McDonalds she likes. I’m sure she’s estatic.

But seriously, yes, Serena is out. She posted on her website confirming the news that she did indeed undergo surgery again yesterday. What’s worrying is that the injury took just about 3 months to heal the last time round. The Australian Open is also 3 months away. Will she be fit in time to defend her her title? I mean, by now we all know that she could still win a major (especially the Australian Open) without even stepping on court for six months beforehand. But still.

Guess the dreaded boot will be making a reappearance in the near future.


One For The Vault: Maria Kirilenko vs. Vera Zvonareva – Beijing

Lets be serious here, 2010 hasn’t exactly been the greatest year ever for the WTA. Outside of the obvious injuries and ~slamless number ones~, the actual tennis has also been lacking. Watching two players play well in the same match has been mostly the thing of dreams this year.

Heard about the Beijing match between Maria and Vera a couple of weeks ago, and after checking out some clips and watching these videos, this is without a doubt one of the best matches of the year. It’s always so fun to watch Maria when she’s playing aggressive and moving into the forecourt, and of course Vera herself has been playing some top class tennis this year outside of finals. Here the pair combine to play some fantastic tennis, using the full court and really pushing each other to the limit in some gruelling rallies. Enjoy.

It’s also interesting that Maria has been involved in two of the best matches of the year (also the French Open third round match against Kuznetsova). I remember when she made the quarters of the Australian Open this, her wins were met with so much skepticism and ridicule. However, with some great tennis throughout the year, she has really showed us that she is a great player. If she can improve her consistency outside of slams, I have no doubt that she could wind up reaching the top 20 at sometime in 2011.


Quotable Quotes

“Everyone thought it was impossible, but impossible is nothing. Tennis isn’t only speed and power – you play mentally. I used everything and played with nothing to lose.”

Kimiko Date-Krumm


And One Final Picture..

I don’t even know if I was allowed to/supposed to, but I sneaked onto court at the end and pretended to be a camera man through the ceremony. It was pretty funny to be standing around as they ordered Ana about. If I was her I would’ve flipped the finger at them or something. Surely they wouldn’t do that to Serena?


And The Runner Up..

Have to give props to Patty too. She may have faltered big time in the final, but she has delivered some great performances throughout the week, and after a tough year it was good to see her remind us that she’s still the fucking Patty Schnyder. Before this week I was pretty adamant about her retiring, but now I hope she stays on and at least gives it another few months. A result like this after such a big tournament can actually be demoralizing, so hopefully it won’t get her too down.

Patty’s Speech


Ana Ivanovic vs Patty Schnyder: Linz Final Preview

Sunday’s final in Linz will pit Ana Ivanovic against Patty Schnyder. On paper, all signs are pointing to a easy victory for the Serb. The pair have faced each other a grand total of 8 times, and while Patty dominated a young Ivanovic in their first four encounters, Ana replied by sweeping through the most recent four.

That said, the match is most certainly not a foregone conclusion. In fact, Patty’s game actually matches up well to Ana’s. If she can use her swinging lefty serve and left-hook forehand well, she will be able to jam Ana on the backhand side. The considerably fast surface here will also aid her cause, as it will rob Ana of the time to skip around the backhand side to produce those trademark forehands. I watched Patty’s match against Petkovic in the semis yesterday, and that was exactly what she was doing. Though she favours her backhand, Petkovic was still visibly struggling with having to hit every backhand from arounf shoulder height. Ana will struggle even more.

Regardless of the score and winner, here’s hoping that the final is a high quality and gripping affair to cap off what has been a great week of tennis here in Linz.


Turning Back The Hands Of Time

Granny Kimiko continues to defy belief over in Osaka. After defeating Sam Stosur 7-6 in the third, the 40-year old then went and outlasted Shahar Peer 7-5 in the third. She was duly joined by 33 year-old Tammy Tanasugarn who beat Marion Bartoli in straights. Tomorrow they will compete in the oldest final in known history – the pair are a combined age of 73 years old.

Not wanting to miss out on the party, 31 year-old Patty Schnyder also joined them by reaching the final over here in Linz. Retirement rumours have swirled all year for her, but this is encouraging stuff going into 2011, hope she at least gives it a go.


Another Day, Another Ana Ivanovic Press Conference

I said I would ask more questions in the next Ivanovic press conference, and I did. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t nervy. It’s odd, I’m never nervous when speaking to players. But it just feels really strange to go from being a lowly fan to actually speaking to players as a real journalist would. I found myself more nervous about fucking up my words and not being assertive enough, which of course meant I did both of them. But it was weird in a good way.

But yeah, the presser, it was pretty fun. I can’t even lie when I say that at the beginning of the tournament I disliked Ana. But sitting in these pressers have really changed my view on her. One thing I really liked is the fact that always gives you direct eye contact. Didn’t ask about twitter though, it just seemed so weird to do so. Everyone was talking about the match, her form and the actual tennis so for me to then randomly chime in with “ANARRRRRR WE WANT YOU ON TWITTER!!!!” would be pretty foolish of me. With that said, if she does win the final tomorrow then I’ll try to ask it. Enjoy!